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Mattel launches new Rescue Heroes web-series

American toy manufacturer Mattel has debuted a fresh look for its Rescue Heroes preschool property through a new web-series. The 2019 relaunch of the franchise sees a new generation of heroes led by Billy Blazes save the day in natural and man-made disasters. The first of a series of animated shorts debuted earlier this week on the Fisher Price YouTube channel. New episodes will be added ...


WATCH: First Episode of Sloof’s Supershop, The Meteorite Milkshake

Those who were unable to attend the Animation Block Party 2017 at Brooklyn, NY, can now watch the first episode of director Ryan Mauskopf’s new 2D animated web series, Sloof’s Supershop, straight from their browser. As the first episode titled “The Meteorite Milkshake” has been released online. For the uninitiated, the series stars a big red fuzzy swizzard (basically a wizard scientist) ...


Smighties Arrive on Youtube

Herotainment and Toonz Media Group have recently unleashed the full might of their original animated series ‘Smighties’ worldwide via the streaming video service Youtube, and its kid-friendly arm Youtube Kids. Smighties is a 39 x 7 min comedy adventure series that focuses on relatable and inspiring heroes who encourage positive values. The Smighties library will be heralded with three ...


Youtube Unveils Juicy New Trailer for Fruit Ninja: Frenzy Force

Fans of the hit flash and console game Fruit Ninja will have a new way to enjoy the fruit-oriented experience, with a dash of comedy thrown in: Youtube will be debuting a new 13 episode series titled “Fruit Ninja: Frenzy Force” on their Youtube and Youtube Kids app for subscribers of their Youtube Red service. Inspired by the massively popular gaming app, Fruit Ninja: Frenzy Force relates ...


Hasbro Launches New Series, Hanazuki: Full of Treasures, on Youtube

What better way to welcome the new year, than to greet it with a brand new direct to digital cartoon series featuring cute, colorful characters set in a dreamy sci fi setting – and what better studio to do so than MLP:FiM’s Hasbro Studios! The series, by the way, is titled Hanazuki: Full of Treasures and consists of 27 x 11 minute episodes, released through Youtube and Youtube Kids app. ...


Nickelodeon’s Welcome to the Wayne Web Series Coming to TV

Nickelodeon has recently announced that they have ordered 20 episodes of the comedy-adventure web series Welcome to the Wayne. The move marks the first time a Nick digital short-form series has been greenlit for TV broadcast. Nickelodeon will also launch the TV series with a companion app called ‘The Wayne,’ which is being developed concurrently with the show and will provide a more ...


Rainbow Brite Returns as a Web Series

Originally created by Hallmark in 1983, the Rainbow Brite franchise and its TV series and movie adaptations became one of the most recognizable kid’ properties in the world, particularly during the years 1984 to 1986. The Internet made it possible for a generation that wasn’t even born during its time to know about and appreciate the property and its colorful cast of characters, but now it ...

New Episodes of Explosion Bus Coming Soon

New Episodes of Explosion Bus Coming Soon

New episodes of the animated web series Explosion Bus will be released weekly on its official site at and on Youtube throughout the month of July. The web series is created by Tom Snyder and comedian Jonathan Katz, who were co-creators of the hit Comedy Central series Dr. Katz: Professional Therapist. ...

Sci Fi Web Series New Eden Debuts on May 29

Sci Fi Web Series New Eden Debuts on May 29

A new Sci Fi Cartoon Web Series entitled NEW EDEN is set to debut on May 29 on both Youtube and Vimeo, after 18 months of grueling work on the pilot by its creators Brett Snelgrove and Freek van Haagen. The duo claims that the series will appeal to South Park and sci-fi fans alike, as well as anyone who “wants to see cool frick’n monsters make grown men poo their pants.” ...

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