Johnny Test

Inspector Gadget, Johnny Test, and Metajets to Netflix

Netflix is proving, over and over, that the age of digital media is here. In addition to their awesome rent-a-DVD platform, the company has scooped up hundreds of producers, allowing the shows and movies to be instantly streamed to internet-ready devices. Cookie Jar Entertainment is the latest to join the ranks of this digital army, […]

Nickelodeon Other Cartoons

Cookie Jar Entertainment brings World of Quest, Super Duper Sumos, Nanoboy and more to DVD

There’s nothing more upsetting than wanting to watch your favorite cartoon, then finding out you just missed it on TV. Well, Cookie Jar Entertainment and Mill Creek Entertainment are partnering up to try and prevent that horrible feeling of loss by bringing some awesome hits to DVD! Amongst the shows included, they’ll bring The Busy […]