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John Lasseter and a witch reinvent the Disney Princess in Brave’s Merida

Merida faces a pretty hefty problem: she’s being married off to one of three potential suitors, and she sorta hates them all. So what’s a princess to do? Head to an old witch for help, of course! The witch grants Merida a wish, but it of course has consequences, turning the forest into a threatening […]

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Pixar’s Brave trailer unveils Merida as a Disney Princess

Just under one year from now, Disney and Pixar will bring their latest and greatest CG epic to the big screen; Brave. Originally known as Brave and the Bow, the Bear and the Bow, and a few other choices, the upcoming film will hit theaters on June 22nd, 2012. So much of the film has […]

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The Looney Tunes Show sports Monster Talent for Cartoon Network

Looney Tunes is home to many stars, from Bugs to Daffy to Porky. But even the lesser known icons can power themselves to fame: Michigan J. Frog danced his way to the top of the WB! Two of the creepier stars are the Witch and Gossamer; an evil old lady and a giant orange hairball, […]

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Magix hits Nickelodeon with Winx Club

So, we just recently started to get some official bits of news about the Winx Club heading over to Nickelodeon. For years, we’ve been without our favorite fairies, and years before that, they were on the various 4Kids programming, like CW4Kids, 4KidsTV, and even the FoxBox. Now, Nickelodeon plans to give the girls (Bloom, Stella, […]