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Woody Woodpecker Film in the Works

Woody Woodpecker Film in the Works

It’s beginning to look like 2012 will be a great year for classic cartoon franchises, with a lot of big names getting the big screen treatment. The most recent addition to the roster of classic toons to get a film adaptation (as the Mayans have foretold long ago!) is Walter Lantz’ Woody Woodpecker. The upcoming Woody Woodpecker film has a story that will be developed by Blades of Glory ...

Greatest TV Cartoon Theme Songs #18: Woody Woodpecker

Greatest TV Cartoon Theme Songs #18: Woody Woodpecker

Being one of the oldest cartoons on this list, there were many versions of Woody Woodpecker. In the beginning (1940), Woody was completely insane, as if he had been made from the Daffy Duck mold. He also looked too thin, his beak was long, his feet were large, his face was goofy, and his feathers were the dull Technicolors. Over the years, he was drawn slightly different each time, and he ...


Cartoon Super Poster!

Ever try to draw some of your favorite cartoon characters?  What if you tried to draw… all of them?  In a single picture?  It’d be awesome if you could do it…and even more awesome if someone already did all the work for you!  Eric Wiese and Jack Gray did such a thing with dozens of characters that all look great.  Check out the full image after the break and see how many ...

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