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Gengar and Diancie Giveaway for Pokemon X and Y Halloween Event

This coming October, the Pokemon Company will be launching a Halloween-themed distribution event for Pokemon X and Y players via Gamestop locations all over the U.S. Up for grabs are a special Shiney Gengar and the Mythical Pokemon Diancie. The first Pokemon to be given away is a Shiny Gengar. The special Pokemon will be given away at Gamestop from October 13 through October 26. The Gengar will ...


Torchic to Be Given Away for Free during Pokemon X and Y Launch

Everybody who cares about Pokemon is already waiting for Pokemon X and Y’s worldwide launch on October 12, because hey, it’s the latest and greatest installment in the franchise and will feature fresh new update to the gameplay, such as Mega Evolutions and the ability to customize your trainer. However, they have just given us one more reason to wait for October 12 with bated breath: ...


New Trailer for Pokemon X/Y Trailer Features Mega Mewtwo X

Even though Pokemon X/Y are already day one purchases for many Pokemon fans and those that were on the fence are probably going to be convinced by the Genesect and the Legend Awakened movie, Nintendo is still not done promoting the pokeballs out of the latest installment in the long running game franchise, as a new trailer has just been released. The trailer shows off yet more of the new Pokemon ...


New Videos for Pokemon X/Y Gameplay and Anime

Two new videos have just been released for the latest installment in the Pokemon franchise, Pokemon X and Y, with one clip showing off the gameplay for the upcoming 3DS games while the other shows off the upcoming anime. The gameplay clip demonstrates a few nifty features of the game, where you can fish and surf, but the more interesting part is when they use Honedge in battle. Honedge is one of ...


New Gameplay Trailer for Pokemon X/Y

A new trailer for the next installment in the iconic Pokemon game franchise, Pokemon X and Y, has just been released. This time it reveals more information about the Legendaries that serve as the lynchpins for the game, Xerneas and Yveltal. The former, which is going to be the main Pokemon in Pokemon X, will be fairy-type, while Pokemon Y’s Yveltal will be a Dark and Flying type. You can ...

New Pokemon X & Y Gameplay Movie Showcases Four New Pokemon

New Pokemon X & Y Gameplay Movie Showcases Four New Pokemon

A new gameplay movie has just been released for the forthcoming Pokemon X & Y, and it shows four new pokemon who were previously revealed in Coro Coro Comics. This time around, they have been introduced with proper English names. The four new additions are Grass Type Riding Pokemon Gogoat, Electric/Normal type Generation Pokemon Helioptile, Normal/Flying Japanese Robin Pokemon Fletchling, ...

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