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Jibanyan hits the greens in Everybody’s Golf collaboration

Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of game developer Level-5, PlayStation 4 game Everybody’s Golf has launched a collaboration that sees Yo-Kai Watch’s Jibanyan hit the greens. Starting June 5th, the game will host the Level-5 20th Anniversary Collaboration Cup. By participating in the Cup, players can earn costumes based on various Level-5 video games. This includes Jibanyan and ...


Yo-Kai Watch Wibble Wobble shuts down

Fans of Yo-Kai Watch received another blow today as publisher Level-5 confirmed their Wibble Wobble mobile game will end service on May 31st outside of Japan. The iOS/Android game launched in North America in March 2016, with Europe following March 2017. Developed by Japanese studio NHN PlayArt, the game will continue to operate in its native country, having launched there back in October ...


Yo-Kai Watch replaces English voice cast

The English dub of the Yo-Kai Watch anime first premiered on Disney XD in the United States on October 5, 2015. The adaptation was produced for Dentsu Entertainment USA (later, Level-5 abby) with a Los Angeles based voice cast starring the likes of Johnny Yong Bosch, Joey D’Auria‏ and Alicyn Packard. The same crew stuck around for season 2, the first movie and the video games. Their ...


Yo-Kai Watch: Things You Need to Know

Yo-Kai Watch is usually (and unfairly) described as yet another Pokemon-inspired anime, even though it is an equally expansive media franchise that includes toys, anime and other merchandise. A feature-length movie is also on its way in Japan this year. Before jumping into the anime, it is best to know some important facts about Yo-Kai Watch, including a short description of the plot as well as ...

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