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Yoshi’s Crafted World Gets an Overview Trailer

Nintendo’s Super Mario Franchise is responsible for launching several side characters into mainstream popularity, with some characters going so far as to spawn their own series of standalone games. One such character is Yoshi, who is due for a return soon via a new game titled Yoshi’s Crafted World. Yoshi’s Crafted World is scheduled for a March 29 worldwide launch on the Nintendo ...


Yoshi’s New Island Makes its Way to North America and Europe on March 14

The most recent Nintendo Direct presentation showcased more new footage of the upcoming Yoshi’s New Island, which is a current gen treatment of the classic Yoshi’s Island, in the same vein as New Super Mario Bros. According to the presentation, there are plans for release in North America and Europe this spring, with the exact date specified as March 14 for both the retail and eShop ...

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