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Casper’s Scare School to YTV

On January 11th, 2009, Casper the Friendly Ghost will be spooking his way to YTV in his own show, Casper’s Scare School.  The series, based on a movie that ran on Cartoon Network in the States, will debut at 8:30 am, which will become it’s regular time slot on ...


Dinosaur King roars around the world

Dinosaur King will soon terrorize and stomp through YTV in Canada, Televisa in Mexico, MNET in South Africa, RTE in Ireland, and Animax in Central Europe. The series, a mix of cel and CGI animation, has been popular across the globe, both on the air and home video — Universal in France and Contender in the UK will soon be putting out DVDs for Dinosaur King. ...


RollBots roll on!

We reported back in August that Rollbots were …rolling to CW, and that time is quickly approaching!  The series will debut on CW4Kids in the US and Canada’s YTV in February of 2009.  Televix Entertainment has also picked up the Latin American broadcast and home video distribution rights for Amberwood Entertainment’s CGI animated series. ...


The Mr. Men Show sketches on

Looks like The Mr. Men Show will be getting a second season (hooray!).  The show’s backer, Chorion, has signed a buncha deals across the globe to produce an additional 52 episodes of the series to be available for your viewing pleasure in 2009.  The series will be introducing several new characters, including Little Miss Magic and Little Miss Giggles, as well as the jetpack-wearing ...


The League of Super Evil

Nerd Corps has long since been on its quest for world domination, and will continue to do so via its 3D animated series The League of Super Evil.  In 2009, viewers will be able to enjoy the series in Latan America on Jetix, and Canal +, Canal J and Gulli in France.  This is all part of the same plan that sees the show airing on YTV in Canada and CBBC in the UK.  Between battling obnoxious ...


YTV getting a number of new shows

Canada’s YTV is gonna be loaded with goodness this coming Fall.  In addition to the episodes of all their returning shows, there are several new shows with plans to join the crew!  Blue Dragon, Casper’s Scare School, Dinosaur King, Home Improvement, Jibber Jabber and Skunk ...


The Mr. Men Show meets Mr. YTV

YTV sure is getting a nice lineup!  They will also be premiering the Mr. Men Show on Wednesday, September 3rd at 2:30 PM.  Eventually, the show will slide into its regular timeslot, which is Monday, Wednesday and Friday (three times!!) all at 2:30 ...

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