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Next Legend of Zelda Game Will Have a Different Kind of Open World

In a recent interview with IGN, The Legend of Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma admitted that they are listening to the criticism given by fans in the last main Zelda game, Skyward Sword, particularly with regard to its open world and how it’s not as vast as fans have come to expect from the franchise. “We actually had some feedback from Skyward Sword, where people were saying, ‘This is ...


New Pokemon Monopoly Set Debuts This Month

The previously announced Legend of Zelda-themed Monopoly set seems like a fresh new project from two established gaming companies from two different mediums, but it isn’t exactly the first one as 1999 already saw the release of a special Monopoly: Pokemon Edition board game. It turns out that they’re going to release a refresh on the original, dubbed Monopoly: Pokemon Kanto Edition, which ...


Fanmade Zelda Stop-Motion Short Features Black Rock Shooter

Youtube Stop-motion animator Counter656 has already made a name on the Internet due to his series of low-budget, yet time-consuming and highly impressive stop motion shorts, which featured different franchises from Dragon Ball Z to Armored Core. His latest is a Legend of Zelda short featuring the adult link, but with a different twist. In the video, Link finds himself in a situation where the ...

The Legend of Zelda

Nintendo Celebrates the Legend of Zelda’s 25th Anniversary

Happy 2012 my fellow barn animals! As 2012 opens we look back at the year 2011 to see what was the best and most inspiring thing that came into the year. What was it you say? Why it’s the 25th anniversary of “The Legend of Zelda” of course! In 2011 Nintendo celebrated the 25th anniversary of The legend of Zelda in 2011’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (Otherwise known as E3 expo) and ...

Raving Rabbids CG series is a scream for Ubisoft and Nickelodeon

Raving Rabbids CG series is a scream for Ubisoft and Nickelodeon

They have funny ears, and they scream. They run at you with various attacks, and they scream. They fall down holes, get electrocuted, or just put on funny disco costumes and dance. …and they scream. Ubisoft’s Raving Rabbids have, for years, been entertaining video game fanatics around the globe, long since stepping out of Rayman’s shadow. With their popularity spiking ...

E3 2011: Nintendo Wii U Revealed

E3 2011: Nintendo Wii U Revealed

Nintendo recently revealed their new console Wii 2 – well actually its now known as Nintendo Wii U. The new console comes with a very interesting controller. The controller is like an iPad but better, With this you can sit and watch your own screen while your friends and or family play on the television screen with their “wiimotes,” and when your parents, girlfriend, boyfriend, ...

Happy Birthday Link! The Legend of Zelda turns 25

Happy Birthday Link! The Legend of Zelda turns 25

25 years ago, Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuka released the first chapter in one of the most iconic video game franchises of all time, The Legend of Zelda. Mixing puzzles with action and adventure, the series has gone on to sell over 60 million copies across the original Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Game Boy, Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii and others. At the heart of every adventure is Link, a ...

Dragon Ball: Origins 2 out this summer

Dragon Ball: Origins 2 out this summer

Namco Bandai has announced it is returning to the Origins part of the Nintendo DS Dragon Ball genre with this summer’s Dragon Ball: Origins 2. The sequel to the original will feature stylus-controlled action, but unlike some of Nintendo’s other games (we’re looking at you, Zelda!) you have the option to switch to the more traditional buttons if you’d like. A two-player ...

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