Teen Titans

Is the original Teen Titans animated series coming back for a sixth season?

We’re in an era where animated series are being revived all the time. Be it Nicktoons classics, Samurai Jack or shows like The Animaniacs. A viral social media post suggests the 2003-2006 DC Comics animated series Teen Titans will be joining the evergrowing list of cartoon comebacks on [adult swim] in 2019.

Is it any true?


DC Comics, Warner Bros., Cartoon Network et al. have not announced a sixth season of Teen Titans. Adult Swim’s creative director Jason DeMarco has stated on Twitter that the rumour is not true.The most viral Tweet shares fan produced imagery, including a piece borrowing the font from Big Hero 6, both of which were taken from a Wikia devoted to made up nonsense.

All hope might not be lost, though. At WonderCon last month, Teen Titans Go! producer Michael Jelenic stated he would almost guarantee a revival of the original animated series would eventually come about. However, that’s not an announcement or confirmation, simply an observation of the environment we’re in. DC is reviving Young Justice for their upcoming streaming service, for example. Toon Barn’s Marc Morrell spoke to Jelenic about his current series at the convention.

One day you guys will get six seasons and the movie.

In the mean time, fans of the original series can check out the first season on Blu-Ray. Teen Titans Go! fans have a lot to look foward to, especially with this July’s theatrical feature.


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