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Teen Titans: The Judas Contract – WonderCon Interviews & Blu-ray Review

Teen Titans: The Judas Contract is the next entry in the popular DC Universe Original Movie series. The film is now available to own via Digital HD, and was just released today on Blu-ray Combo Pack and DVD.

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment continued its annual WonderCon tradition with the exclusive World Premiere of Teen Titans: The Judas Contract on the evening of Friday, March 31, 2017 at WonderCon Anaheim in the packed 4,000-seat Arena of the Anaheim Convention Center. This was followed by a panel discussion amongst the film’s acting stars and filmmakers.

The entertaining post-screening panel featured Sean Maher (Firefly/Serenity, Batman: Bad Blood), the voice of Nightwing; Jake T. Austin (Wizards of Waverly Place, The Fosters) as Blue Beetle; Brandon Soo Hoo (Tropic Thunder, From Dusk Til Dawn: The Series) as Beast Boy; Kari Wahlgren (Phineas and Ferb, Legion of Superheroes) as Starfire; and Stuart Allan (Batman vs. Robin, Batman: Bad Blood) as Robin/Damian; plus supervising producer James Tucker (Batman Bad Blood, Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders) and character designer Phil Bourassa (Justice League Dark, Young Justice).

We have exclusive interviews taken by ToonBarn Head Writer Marc Morrell of all the cast and crew mentioned above, here for your viewing pleasure:

Inspired by the 1984 DC story arc from Marv Wolfman and George Pérez, Teen Titans: The Judas Contract finds the Teen Titans – Starfire, Beast Boy, Raven, Blue Beetle, Robin and the just-returned Nightwing – working as a cohesive team in their never-ending battle against evil. But their newest teammate, the mysterious and powerful Terra (voiced by Christina Ricci), may be altering that dynamic. Meanwhile, an ancient evil, Brother Blood (Gregg Henry), has awakened, and familiar foe Deathstroke (the late Miguel Ferrer) is lurking in the shadows – both waiting to pounce. Ultimately, the Teen Titans will need to battle their enemies and their own doubts to unite and overcome the malicious forces around them in this twisting tale of intrigue, adventure and deception.

This Blu-ray Combo Pack also comes with a Blue Beetle figurine, and the Blu-ray is packed with extra special features, including a preview of the next DC Universe Original Animated Film due to debut at San Diego Comic Con in July, Batman and Harley Quinn, which is Executive Produced by Bruce Timm, and stars Kevin Conroy and Melissa Rauch as the title characters.

Other special features on the Blu-Ray include:
Titanic Minds: Wolfman and Perez Featurette. The original creators of The Judas Contract, Marv Wolfman (Writer) and George Perez (Artist) were reuinited to do this featurette together. They offer a ton of information in 25 minutes, as we get to learn about the origins of The New Teen Titans as well as the creation of this amazing story, and take a nostalgic look at how comic book stories are created, honed, and released. Comic book fans will love this special feature.

Villains United — Deathstroke Featurette (10 minutes long) – It goes into great detail about Deathstroke as a character for viewers who aren’t too familiar with him, and fans of Deathstroke, in general.

2 episodes of Teen Titans animated series. These will bring back many memories for fans who watched this series regularly.

Overall, Teen Titans: The Judas Contract on Blu-ray is a great value for DC and Teen Titans fans, in particular, as it gives a great adaptation of the original Wolfman/Perez work, and it doesn’t disappoint from an action, story, comedy, and drama standpoint. Plus, you can’t go wrong with a Kevin Smith cameo near the end. And if you ever get a chance to watch the world premieres of these films in front of thousands of rabid DC fans, we highly recommend it, as the reactions are pure and genuine fun!

We give this film a 9 out of 10 for a standalone Teen Titans film that takes us for a ride through many great memories of our favorite Teen Titans characters, staying true to the nature of the comics, and giving us hope for more Teen Titans to come!

Marc Morrell

I am a Big Fan of all types of animation. Like a lot of things, the cream always rises to the top. My favorites have included Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Rebels, anything Pixar, Phineas and Ferb, Voltron Legendary Defender, and the DC/WB Animated Films. I have a lot of Old School favorites as well, such as Star Blazers, Voltron, Looney Toons, Tom & Jerry, and Scooby Doo.
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