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Khary Payton Interview from Emerald City Comic Con

Khary Payton is an extremely talented veteran actor, who can shine in front of the camera or the microphone. He brings a lot of energy and discipline to all his roles, and he has really learned from the best in the business for every facet of bringing a believable character to life. One of the most useful tools Khary employs is his imagination.

We had the pleasure of interviewing Khary Payton at Emerald City Comic Con (ECCC) this past weekend, and we have really found that the theme of imagination is blatantly woven into all Khary’s characters and an event that occurred on the Main Stage at ECCC, called Twisted Toonz, where Khary performed on a panel with other actors in a table reading of a comedic adaptation of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

As we discussed in the interview, Khary Payton has played the animated Cyborg in Teen Titans, Batman Unlimited: Monster Mayhem, LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes: The Flash, and the wildly popular Cartoon Network series Teen Titans Go!, which has a new movie being released to theaters July 27, 2018, called Teen Titans Go! To The Movies. He has also joined the cast of Big Hero 6: The Series, to take over the role of Wasabi. He is also Rafiki in Disney’s The Lion Guard on Disney Junior, and he is Aqualad in Young Justice, which has a new Season 3 starting this year on DC’s Digital Subscriber Service. Khary, as many adults know, has been playing the role of Ezekiel in The Walking Dead on AMC.

With all those acting roles, Khary still has made time to go out and see the fans at conventions like ECCC. He was giving hugs and high fives to everyone who came through his autograph line and everyone was left feeling very happy. He also participated in his own spotlight panel, and another panel called Twisted Toonz.

Twisted Toonz is a travelling convention show, where multiple actors perform an adapted script from a famous movie, using roles they’ve played or impressions they are know for, as a table read. For Emerald City Comic Con, the adapted script was from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Khary Payton was on the panel with Phil LaMarr, Jeremy Shada, David Hayter, and Nolan North, and Khary used voices such as Bill Cosby, Rafiki, Cyborg, Ezekiel, Morgan Freeman, Grimlock, and many more.

Twisted Toonz has an auction on Ebay for one of the ACTUAL scripts they used on stage for the Twisted Toonz Script reading of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory at Emerald City Comic Con! Signed by the WHOLE cast! This script was used by NOLAN NORTH himself.

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to ASPCA and St. Jude Children’s Hospital.
To bid for this auction, go to:
We want to thank Khary Payton for making Emerald City Comic Con so special. If you’re a fan of The Walking Dead, you can see Khary as Ezekiel, Sunday Nights on AMC at 9 PM EST. You can also watch episodes of Teen Titans Go! on Cartoon Network multiple times each day. New episodes typically debut on Friday Nights at 6 PM EST. And don’t forget¬†Teen Titans Go! To The Movies comes out in theaters on July 27, 2018.

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