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Review: Teen Titans Go! – The Self-Indulgent 200th Episode Spectacular

It’s finally here! Back on February 25th, we covered the Red Carpet for the Teen Titans Go! 200th Episode and the staff at Warner Bros Animation were happy to have a party to celebrate this amazing milestone. Now, fast forward 9 months and the 200th Episode baby is BORN! The World Premiere of “The Self-Indulgent 200th Episode Spectacular, Parts 1 & 2” is airing on Cartoon Network at 6 PM EST on Friday, November 24th. Don’t miss it!

In this article, we’ll quickly recall our Red Carpet interviews with the voice cast and producers of Teen Titans Go!, we’ll check out some pictures and a clip from the 200th episode, and we’ll give a mostly spoiler-free review of this truly outrageous and totally self-indulgent milestone episode.

If you haven’t already, check out our Red Carpet Interviews taken by ToonBarn Head Writer Marc Morrell back in February, with Tara Strong and her husband Craig, Greg Cipes, Scott Menville, Aaron Horvath, Michael Jelenic, Billy Regan, and Mix Master Mike!


It was great to see the cast and crew having fun away from making the show, for a change. You could tell they had been working at an “aggressive rate” to crank out these 200 episodes over the last few years. But, at the hectic schedule they keep, it shouldn’t be too long before we’re celebrating the 300th episode!

This 200th Episode really is Self-Indulgent, as the Teen Titans characters actually come face-to-face with the people who make their show, like the voice cast, producers (and some of the family members of the producers), animators, directors and character designers, and you get to see the Teen Titans try to make their own episode. Hint: they should leave the episode creation to the Producers, Actors and Animators from Warner Bros Animation. Just a suggestion.

Here is a clip from the 200th episode, where the Teen Titans meet their voice counterparts, and it is so surreal to see Beast Boy talk to Greg Cipes, Raven to Tara Strong, Robin to Scott Menville, Starfire to Hynden Walch, and Cyborg to Khary Payton. Incredible!

We love all the inside jokes that are part of this 2-part 200th Episode Spectacular, and the way the actors behave in that clip is no acting. That’s how they really are. Hynden is camera shy, and Tara and Greg are really active on social media, sharing personal pics and videos with their fans.

Producer Pete Michail wrote and sang a new song at the end of the 2nd part, which really drives home the message that they are always “Workin’ on an episode” at Teen Titans Go! and closed it out with Executive Producer, Sam Register.

When you get to see all the people who work on the show in this episode, as well as Michael Jelenic‘s (JellyNeck?) Dad and Aaron Horvath‘s son, and it’s all wrapped up with fart jokes galore, AND you can see references to real things that fans would understand (the picture that used to be the Teen Titans Go! mural on the Warner Bros studio lot), it’s easy to see why they chose this route, instead of looking back on all the characters that have made us laugh through all previous 199 episodes.

It’s been fun to watch Teen Titans Go! and see it’s meteoric rise to the #1 spot on Cartoon Network. We wish them a less aggressive schedule in the future, and maybe some time off once in a while, but please understand that this cast and crew is not by any means replaceable.

I just have a few notes: LOUDER! LOUDER!! LOUDER!!!!!


Marc Morrell

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