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How to Talk Like Teen Titans GO! Characters

Most of our favorite heroes have iconic appearances – many wear tights, some capes, others jewelry. But a hero’s sound can often be just as vital to creating a fully-formed character as his/her look! A few of the Teen Titans GO! voice-over castmembers – Scott Menville (Robin), Tara Strong (Raven), and Greg Cipes (Beast Boy) – share their ‘secret’ identities and reveal how we fans can talk like Titans in this video. Click below to get your voice on!


Here are some highlights from the actors’ insight:

Scott Menville on voicing Robin: I always stand when I do Robin, because Robin’s strong. He wouldn’t be sitting down. Fold the arms, because Robin’s cool, and it’s pretty much my own voice. But I push it to the back of my throat with a little bit of Clint Eastwood in there.

Tara Strong on voicing Raven: You need to stop caring about everything and everyone. You can’t laugh! Never laugh. Never.

Greg Cipes on voicing Beast Boy: Shaking and screaming for 10 seconds will allow you to easily change your voice to a higher pitch.

Test out your new voice-over skills in front of your buddies, and tell us what they think! Also, let us know whose technique you’re most impressed by.

Albert Lawrence

A professional pop culture party-starter who prefers alliteration.

By Albert Lawrence

A professional pop culture party-starter who prefers alliteration.

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they forgot the most important part of voice a character on such a badly done show.. act really, really stupid and opposite of the way that character acted when you voiced them on the good Teen Titans cartoon back in 2003.. in other words.. voice them like u have brain damage

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