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Teen Titans Go!: Artful Dodgers Review

teen titans artful dodgers

A brand new episode of Teen Titans Go!, titled “Artful Dodgers,” has aired on Cartoon Network recently. For those not in the know, Teen Titans Go! is a new series that was created by Warner Bros. for Cartoon Network. It’s based on a DC property but isn’t part of the DC Nation Programming block (new episodes air during Tuesday Nights, instead of Saturday mornings)

Teen Titans Go! is a reboot of the 2003 original series Teen Titans, with a few notable differences. One of the major changes is the different animation style, but that’s not such a bad thing as it fits in perfectly with the show’s new more comedic direction, as opposed to the original’s emphasis on action. I would say they changed it because they wanted to do something different. They also got the old voice actors back for the Titans and the villains, which is great.

As for “Artful Dodgers,” I thought the episode was good because it started off with a little bit of action, (sort of like the original) when the Titans faced off against one of their common villains The H.I.V.E Five when they rob a bank. The Titans also had a dodgeball game against the H.I.V.E., which I would say was surprising because they thought they were going to fight little kids.

I loved the Titans victory dance, and the Team Titans song that Raven and Starfire made up. Robin, Beast Boy, and Cyborg did not let them play because of their lack of knowledge about dodgeball, so they thought it would be best if they let them make up their Team Titans theme song. It was quite a surprise to me, when I saw the Titans losing. But the ending was great when they finally let the two play. Despite them losing the whole dodgeball game I was happy that they at least won an award for catching the bad guys. I would rate this episode a 9/10. What did you think of this new episode? ToonBarn would love to hear your answers, so please leave us a comment below.


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