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Teen Titans Go! Moves to a New Timeslot

The Titans are moving!

This coming Wednesday, the hit animated comedy series Teen Titans Go! will be moving slightly from its original timeslot to 6:30/5:30c on Cartoon Network. If that puts a hamper on your plans for the day, you can at least console yourself with a brand new clip for the upcoming episode, “Uncle Jokes.”

The episode will focus on Starfire, who is on a quest to be actually funny. Instead of going to Robin (who can only tell “uncle jokes,”) Starfire goes directly to Cyborg and Beast Boy, asking to join their duo. Robin gets a wind of it and feels upset that the balance of the Tower has been thrown off, and decides to go to the extreme in order to deal with it.

You can check out the clip, as well as a few images below:


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