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CW4Kids Saturdays

It’s here!  It’s time!  The premiere season of The CW4Kids Saturday morning block of cartoons starts up next Saturday, September 13th… but the lineup of shows is available now!  Starting at 7 AM and running through 12 PM, the line up of cartoons on The CW looks like this: 07:00 AM    Will & Dewitt 07:30 AM    Magi Nation 08:00 AM    Skunk Fu! 08:30 AM    Viva ...


The Cyber Shredder!

We’ve seen the rumors, and now we’ve actually got some concrete proof!  Shredder will be making his return to the upcoming TMNT series, Back to the Sewer.  But… what the heck happened here?  He’s even pointier than we remember him, and those blades appear to be glowing with an alien orange of some sort.  This guy isn’t even named The Shredder — he’s ...


Back To The Shredder

Rumor has it, its not just the Turtles that will be heading “Back to the Sewer” in the upcoming TMNT series.  Its not yet definite, but it looks like the Ninjas will be doing battle with their arch nemesis again, The Shredder.  Details are sketchy so far, but 4Kids has been teasing the idea for awhile now — and it especially makes sense that, with the 25th anniversary coming ...


TMNT: Back To The Sewer

They’re green.  They’re brothers.  They’re… back! 4Kids will introduce the newest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series, TMNT: Back To The Sewer this October, bringing the Turtles back to TV.  4Kids has inked a number of broadcast deals for Back To The Sewer, hoping to hype up the event with broadcasts around the world.  This also lines up perfectly with next year, ...

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