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Bent Image Lab Creates New Character for DirectAsia

DirectAsia_RobinHood_Parkin has recently commissioned Alchemy Asia and Bent Image Lab for a new live action/CG animated hybrid commercial that introduces a CG version of Robin Hood, one that they believe breaks away from traditional imagery and is better suited to represent the insurance industry in Asia.

According to Alchemy Asia Creative Director, Robin Hood is the perfect character that will represent, as he fights for the rights of the people and challenges the status quo. They gave the character an interesting personality and a rich backstory in order to update him for modern audiences.

The commercial, which features the CG-animated Robin Hood interacting with live action environments, has the character swinging triumphantly from car to car in the early morning hours as he tries to leave savings under the windshield wipers of clients. In a humorous twist, Robin accidentally slips off a car and triggers its alarms:

“The idea was to introduce Robin Hood as this guy who loves to give money back to the people but he is not the typical Robin Hood,” says Bent Director Rob Shaw. “He’s got a big gut and he’s a little bit more of a lovable bumbler. He imagines himself to be this suave, charming hero, but really he is a little clumsy and that’s what makes him endearing.” Singapore Hong Kong

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