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Calvin and Hobbes in Animated Form

calvin and hobbes

One of the greatest comic strips to ever appear on the dailies, Calvin & Hobbes, may never see an official animated adaptation, primarily because creator Bill Watterson has always refused offers to bring the strip out of the newspaper pages and anthologies, and there are no signs that he’s going to change his mind soon. Thankfully, animator Adam Brown (of Comedy Central’s Ugly Americans) has stepped in and has given all of us a chance to see what a 2D Calvin and Hobbes cartoon would look like.

The fan animated short film features Calvin playing with a toy truck, only to be ambushed by Hobbes, in what would have worked so well as an animated intro to a cartoon series. There are no voices, but we actually find that it works better that way as your memory of the duo will not be tainted by voices done by people that might not fit your idea of what they sound like. You can check out the video below:

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