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New Clips from Aquabats: Super Show Season One DVD

New Clips from Aquabats: Super Show Season One DVD

Shout! Factory has decided to release a couple of clips from The Aquabats Super Shown Season One DVD, as a way of letting fans know what’s in store if they score a copy of the DVD (which is out now, by the way). You can check out the clips below, titled “Maybe Manant’s Been Saying It Wrong!” and “Stupid Reinforced Truck!”

In Maybe Manant’s Been Saying it Wrong!, the Aquabats watch a video presentation from the eponymous villain, as it (he?) tries to show off the capabilities of his minions. The Aquabats then had a moment of doubt as to whether they’ve been pronouncing Manant’s name wrong all this time.

In Stupid Reinforced Truck!, the Aquabats chase away Manant’s minions, only for one of them to get tricked into entering a reinforced truck because of a cute little dog (or is it?)

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