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Fox Animation Domination High Def Lampoons Dragon Ball Z in New Video

Fox’s ADHD is no stranger to making fun of popular anime franchises, and with Dragonball Super garnering a lot of praise these past few weeks, it’s high time that Akira Toriyama’s landmark shonen franchise gets another turn at the ADHD mocking whee.

The video is titled ‘Dragon Ball Z in 30 Seconds,’ and does exactly what the title says: it compresses the entirety of the series in half a minute. Except not really. The video’s 11-minute runtime is already a sign that the “30 seconds” in the title is a really cruel joke. Watch the video for yourself below, and try to lower the speaker’s volume while you’re at it:


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  1. Adam Adam

    seems pretty accurate from what little i’ve seen of dragon ball z

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