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FUNimation Acquires License for Bayonetta: Bloody Fate Anime Film

FUNimation Entertainment has recently announced that they have licensed the anime film Bayonetta: Bloody Fate for Canada and the United States. In support of the film, director Fuminori Kizaki will be appearingat Anime Expo in Los Angelos over the weekend of July 3, along with a preview of the English dub.

The official synopsis:

Her name is Bayonetta. She is one of ‘the witches’ – a huntress of Angels – and this is her only memory of the past. When she receives information that a clue may lie in waiting in the sacred city of Vigrid, Bayonetta sets out on a perilous journey.

En route, Bayonetta experiences a series of strange encounters with a mysterious lady who holds cryptic hints about her past, a male journalist who implicates Bayonetta in the death of his father and a young girl who openly adores her, referring to her as ‘mommy’.

What secrets do Bayonetta’s lost memory hold and what fate lies in waiting?


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