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Microsoft Releases New Anime-Inspired Ad for Internet Explorer

Microsoft Releases New Anime-Inspired Ad for Internet Explorer

Microsoft has just released a new promo video for Internet Explorer, this time coming in the form of an anime-inspired take on their infamous browser. Dubbed “Internet Explorer 11: The Anime,” the animated short focuses on a girl named Inori Aizawa – the cute, blue-themed personification of Internet Explorer – as she tries to run away from a bunch of robots who are trying to killer her (at least, that’s what we think they want to do. For all we know, their bombs are non-lethal and they just want to shower her with explosions because it’s the robot language equivalent for “I Love You.”)

Now, don’t go in expecting a story with any semblance of depth. This is basically an animated short designed to remind you of Internet Explorer. There’s not even any hint of promotion regarding the capabilities of the browser, unless the new IE really does turn into a moe character that can shoot windows-shaped laser at opponents, in which case Firefox and Chrome will just have to sod off as we install our new favorite browser.

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