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Original Metal Gear Fan Remake Shut Down

I feel asleep while this news broke out, but in a shocking twist that would rival Hollywood Hogan’s Fingerpoke of Doom, Konami has just shut down a fanmade remake of the original MSX Metal Gear game, after initially giving the team their blessing. This is disappointing news as the project has gained enough traction to attract notable talents, including devs that previously worked on games like inFamous and Gears of War, and even Metal Gear Solid voice actors David Hayer (THE Solid Snake) and Paul Eiding (Colonel Campbell).

The remake’s producer made it clear that they are thankful for the initial help and support they have received from Konami, and that the cancellation was a result of the guys over at Konami being unable to agree on a decision leaving them with no choice but to shut down the project. Fortunately, all the effort isn’t going to waste as they are planning to work on an original IP instead.

Additionally, they have also released a trailer for the cancelled Metal Gear remake that features concept art, some 3D rendered environments, and a few rough animated segments. What makes this worth watching is that it is narrated by David Hayter:


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