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Sly Cooper Movie Scheduled for 2016?

The Sly Cooper series of 3D platformers seem like a perfect candidate for a CG animated series adaptation, as it already has the kind of characters that will fit in on a Saturday morning show, plus the games already show how good it will look like on CG. However, Animation studio Rainmaker Entertainment and Indie production outfit Blockade Entertainment does one better as they are planning a full length CG movie, with 2016 being touted as the planned release date. You can watch the 2 minute teaser below:

Sly Cooper focuses on the story of an orphaned raccoon who grew up to be a thief, who one day discovered that he has come from a long line of master thieves. He then finds himself in the middle of a global adventure along with his pals as they try to reassemble pieces of an ancient book holding the Cooper clan’s secrets, before it is found by the evil metallic owl, Clockwerk.


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