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TEASER: Live Action Prison School

A live action adaptation of Akira Hiramoto’s seinen manga series Prison School was revealed a few days ago via the announcement of the cast, but now we’re getting something a little bit more tangible – a teaser trailer for the show itself.

Unfortunately, it’s a little thin as far as content is concerned due to the limited screen time, clocking in at a mere 15 seconds. However, it does give a brief glimpse at the actors and how effective they are at playing the part. I bet most people would look for Meiko Shiraki’s parts, curious as to whether she has what it takes to “fill” the “parts.” If you know what I mean.

Fans who are afraid that a live action TV show might tone down the risqué content should wait a bit before passing judgment, because production is helmed by Noboru Iguchi – a former AV filmmaker turned director of adult gross-out flicks such as Zombie Ass, Machine Girl, and Robogeisha.


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