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Pixar’s Toy Story 3 turns the box office into Disney’s toy chest

Pixar's Toy Story 3 turns the box office into Disney's toy chest

Audiences were back in theaters as the toys were back in town. Pixar Animation Studios latest film, Toy Story 3, pulled in an estimated $109 million dollars at the box office over the weekend — hopefully, Ham wasn’t the only piggy bank around! This total far surpassed Toy Story 2’s opening weekend of $57 million, and Toy Story’s $30 million. It also brought the 11th straight blockbuster to the Disney studio, with the highest-grossing launch in the history of the CG company, topping the $70 million of the previous title holder, The Incredibles. The 3D flick is sure to keep marching towards box office records, as the toys continue to work their way into our hearts.

I was lucky enough to get tickets this past Friday and I loved every minute of it! The people in the audience were laughing, and crying, with all of the favorite main-stays of the series, from Woody and Jessie to Buzz, Rex, Ham, and the Potato Heads. Ken and Barbie got some great attention, as well. Did you guys get a chance to see it yet?

Here’s the full weekend box office leader list:
Toy Story 3 – $109,000,000
The Karate Kid – $29,000,000
The A-Team – $13,775,000
Get Him to the Greek – $6,117,000
Shrek Forever After – $5,520,000
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time – $5,273,000
Killers – $5,100,000
Jonah Hex – $5,085,000
Iron Man 2 – $2,675,000
Marmaduke – $2,650,000
Sex and the City 2 – $2,415,000
Robin Hood – $1,334,000

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