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Home Video Preview: Transformers Prime Beast Hunters: Predacons Rising

Optimus Prime from Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Predacons Rising

“A resurrected UNICRON has taken over the now-lifeless body of MEGATRON to seek vengeance on the AUTOBOTS and ultimately, the destruction of Cybertron. This formidable enemy forces an unlikely alliance between the AUTOBOTS, DECEPTICONS, PREDAKING and two new PREDACONS, who come together in an epic battle to help protect their newly restored planet.” – DVD Back Cover

This Fall, the eagerly anticipated conclusion of Hasbro Studios’ Emmy® Award-winning series will finally unleash in a special TRANSFORMERS PRIME original feature presentation for home entertainment. On October 8, 2013, Shout! Factory, in collaboration with Hasbro Studios, invite kids, families and loyal fans to further venture into the awe-inspiring world of TRANSFORMERS PRIME when TRANSFORMERS PRIME BEAST HUNTERS – PREDACONS RISING debuts as a special original feature on Blu-ray™+ DVD combo pack and on DVD.

Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Predacons Rising Blu-Ray

In this special, all-new movie, we see Bumblebee getting the recognition he has deserved for so long. And for the Transformers live-action movie trilogy fans, you’ll be surprised to hear Bumblebee’s real voice, as he takes on more of a leadership role on the Autobots, when they try to protect Cybertron.

However, there is a threat looming that the Autobots have not imagined could be possible. Unicron has taken over Megatron’s body, which makes Megatron look even more intimidating than he has ever been. Even Starscream loves the enhancements. This may seem like the biggest threat to the Autobots, and for the time-being, it is. However, this isn’t called Predacons Rising for nothing. In addition to the Predaking, there are two new Predacons we haven’t seen before. As Unicron seeks to destroy Cybertron, the Autobots and the Predacons must work together to stop their newly restored planet from being destroyed again.

One thing I really love about this movie is how they give these menacing villains of the show such grand entrances. Watch, in the two clips below, as both Predaking and the Unicron-enhanced Megatron are introduced to the Autobots:

Brimming with spectacular CG animation, a captivating storyline and unforgettable characters from the TRANSFORMERS PRIME lore, this 90-min epilogue to the final season delivers entertaining cinematic adventure the whole family will enjoy. Wrapping up the series that chronicled the epic battle between the DECEPTICONS and the AUTOBOTS, the Blu-ray+DVD combo pack and DVD edition contain insightful bonus content – A Look Behind The Scenes of Predacons Rising.

Available in stores everywhere, TRANSFORMERS PRIME BEAST HUNTERS – PREDACONS RISING is an essential home entertainment collection for TRANSFORMERS fans of all ages. The deluxe Blu-ray+DVD combo pack is priced to own with a suggested retail price of $24.97; and $16.97 for the DVD.

Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Predacons Rising

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