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Scariest Cartoon Characters #14: Megatron

Top 20 Scariest Cartoon Characters Number 14 Megatron

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Megatron is the unwavering leader of the Decepticons, despite Starscream’s protests. Star Scream could only wish he ranked #14 on this list. His robot form is a towering, steel-gray monster with glowing red eyes and vicious features that transform into the most powerful fusion cannon in the universe. But regardless of form, he is utterly ruthless as both a strategic leader and battleground warrior. The two recent Transformers blockbuster films have only served to make him creepier!

He wages a war against Earth, Cybertron, humans, space, and most importantly, the Autobots, doing specific and targeted battle with their leader, Optimus Prime, Megatron’s arch nemesis. Even with his mighty cannon, brute strength, and brilliant mind, perhaps the scariest part of Megatron is his egocentric personality — seeing himself as the only being capable of ruling the universe, and every other creature is beneath him. Check out the video footage of this selection


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