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Singin with the Jetsons and Rockin with Judy Jetson on Warner Archive DVD

Singin with the Jetsons and Rockin with Judy Jetson on Warner Archive DVD

Singin with the Jetsons and Rockin with Judy Jetson on Warner Archive DVD

Sky Rocker is a big name in the music industry. Or, at least, he will be thousands of years from now when we live in the era of The Jetsons. And Sky Rocker is clearly not meant to be confused with Skywalker – especially since both Anakin and Luke are from a “long time ago.” But in the future, Sky is all the rage, and Judy Jetson couldn’t be a bigger fan. When she and he friends attend his show, Judy hopes to impress Sky with a new song she wrote — much to her father’s anger! Throw in an evil space queen named Felonia Funk (sounds like one of the Misfits!) and her goons Quark and Quasar, and you got yourselves a great little adventure. Thanks to Warner Bros. and Warner Archive, the whole tale, Rockin’ with Judy Jetson, will soon be available on DVD, so you can relive the fun again and again.


The voice cast includes Janet Waldo as Judy Jetson, the iconic Mel Blanc as Cosmo Spacely, and Peter Cullen, of Transformers Optimus Prime fame, as Gruff, Commander Comsat, and the Bouncer. Check out the full list:

Janet Waldo as Judy Jetson
George O’Hanlon as George Jetson
Daws Butler as Elroy Jetson
Penny Singleton as Jane Jetson
Don Messick as Astro
Jean Vander Pyl as Rosie the Robot Maid
Mel Blanc as Cosmo Spacely
Rob Paulsen as Billy Booster/Sky Rocker / Zany
Ruth Buzzi as Felonia Funk
Cindy McGee as Iona
Pat Musick as Starr / Fan Club President / Zowie
Charlie Adler as Quark / Zappy
Selette Cole as Rhoda Starlet
Pat Fraley as Zilchy
Beau Weaver as Ramm / DJ
Eric Suter as Nicky
Hamilton Camp as Mr. Microchips / Manny
Peter Cullen as Gruff / Commander Comsat / Bouncer

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