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Toonbarn’s Transformers Armada Contest!

This coming March 11th, Shout Factory and Hasbro Studios will be releasing Transformers: Armada – The Complete Series on DVD. This DVD set will collect the hit 2002 animated TV series, which is part of the rare UNICRON trilogy alongside ENERGON and CYBERTRON. This deluxe DVD set will consist of 8 Discs containing all 52 memorable episodes of the series, making it an essential addition to the home collection of every Transformers fan.

The Transformers: Armada – The Complete Series 8-DVD set is priced to own at $44.99 SRP and can be preordered from Amazon but those of you who have recently picked up a four leaf clover or a horseshoe can instead try to win a free copy from Toonbarn!


That’s right, Toonbarn is giving away a FREE copy of Transformers: Armada – The Complete Series to 3 lucky Toonbarn readers (don’t worry, each winner receives his or her own copy. There’s no need to share.) and all you need to do, besides be lucky, is the following:

Complete ALL FOUR steps:

1) Have a account (free to sign up! JOIN NOW)
2) Leave a comment on this page with your favorite character from Transformers Armada
3) “Like” our ToonBarn Facebook page
4) Hit the “Like” button on this page (depending on your view, its down below or up above! You know what it looks like. Consider yourself challenged!)

…and that’s it! We’ll randomly select the 3 winners once we reach 50 or more likes. All winners will be contacted directly via private message, so you only need to enter once. Visit ToonBarn’s Message Board for updates and other giveaways!

Neil Raymundo

A cowardly and treacherous Toonbarn blogger who can transform into a McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle. Secretly wants to replace Toonbarn Rob as leader of the Decepticons.
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  1. Sheldon131 Sheldon131

    Did you announced the winner of Transformers Prime Beast Hunters: Rise of the Predacons’ DVD?

    I think not.

  2. madmud2730 madmud2730

    Choosing a favorite character is kind of hard, but I think I’d have to go with Starscream.

  3. transformies transformies

    My favorite is Starscream!!

  4. samyueme samyueme


  5. @Sheldon131, winners are contacted directly, via email. We like offering the chance to keep things quiet — its up to the winner if they want to shout to the world! 🙂

  6. BobRooney BobRooney

    Jetfire! The SR-71 stealth was the most awesome plane ever shown as a transformer…just not in armada.

  7. veryman veryman


  8. I recently just got into this series! My favorite character is Hot Shot!

  9. Texika Texika

    I can’t decide between Hot Shot and Starscream. I’ll go with Hot shot.

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