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New Trailer for Transformers Go! Anime


The official Youtube channel for Takara Tomy has recently posted a 57-second promo video for its new OVA series titles Sanjougattai Transformers Go! last June 21. The trailer features the Swordbot Samurai Team, which consists of Kenzan, Jinbu, and Ganoh, who are all only too willing to show off their transformations. The clip also features the human protagonist Isami Tatewaki.

The show is based on the Transformers Go! toy line, which was released last April. The anime series will be bundled in with DVDs with Shogakakukan’s TV-Kun magazin and Kodansha’s TV Magazine. The TV-kun version will feature the story of the Samurai team (Kenzan, Jinbu, Ganoh) while TV Magazine version will focus on the Shinobi team (Gekisoumaru, Hishoumaru, Sensuimaru).

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