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New Transformers Mobile Games in The Works

New Transformers Mobile Games in The Works

In case you haven’t noticed yet, the rapid adoption of mobile devices – such as smartphones, tablets, and ultraportable computers – meant that developers are now seeing it as the most lucrative media for games, which is why we are seeing lots of companies porting their famous licenses to mobile games format, with Hasbro following suit as they strike a partnership with DeNa Co. in order to develop mobile games based on their Transformers franchise.

DeNa Co. is a social games, e-commerce, and web service provider known for their mobile offerings, and they are planning to put their expertise to good use in bringing the Transformers franchise to portable life. Hasbro’s first plans with DeNa Co. include a spate of games to be released on the latter’s Mobage social gaming platform for both the iOS and Android platforms. The games will be made available worldwide except for Japan, and is scheduled to launch later this year.

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