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Fans come out to see Voltron at Wizard World St Louis

Fans come out to see Voltron at Wizard World St Louis

Our friend, Jeremy Corray, was flying the Voltron colors at Wizard World St Louis. As you recall from our interviews with Jeremy, he is the Creative Director for World Events Productions, the creators of Voltron, whose corporate headquarters are in St Louis, MO. This was the first Wizard World Comic Con ever from St Louis, so it was very special for Voltron to come out and greet the fans in his own backyard. We’ve compiled a few of the stories that covered this event for you here.

Jeremy Corray provided those of us who couldn’t make it to St Louis the weekend of March 29-31 with his own report from the show-floor and panels. Here is Jeremy’s report:

Wizard World also had their own reporter, Caitlyn Culpepper, on the floor at the Voltron booth, interviewing Jeremy to find out how special it was for the “Hometown Hero” to take center stage at a Wizard World Comic Con Convention.

ToonBarn wasn’t able to make it to St Louis for this one (which made us very sad), but look out this spring, summer and fall for ToonBarn interviews with all your favorite animated shows and features, live from Wizard World’s Philadelphia Comic Con in June, San Diego Comic Con in July, and we’ll make return visits to both RetroCon in September and New York Comic Con in October.

It looks to be an exciting year for the Cons… on ToonBarn.

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