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Voltron: Defender of the Universe

Greatest TV Cartoon Theme Songs #11: Voltron: Defender of the Universe

Voltron: Defender of the Universe

The Voltron: Defender of the Universe Theme Song opens with the voice of Optimus Prime, the heroic leader of the Autobots on “The Transformers”, Peter Cullen. Even though most of the music is in the background, and there’s no singing, a spoken-word theme really works with the deep, authoritative voice of Peter Cullen. The music that does play in the background, written by John Petersen, is really cool, and it’s that theme that gets repeated in every episode when Voltron is formed from the 5 Lions of the Voltron Force.

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We remember watching Voltron, waiting with white knuckles, for the moment when Voltron would be formed, to hear that music, and see the Blazing Sword.

The members of the Voltron Force each were assigned to their own Lion, which was hidden in a Den suited to each Lion’s power. Keith was the Commander, assigned to the Black Lion(head of Voltron), which came right through the top of the Castle of Lions. Sven (for 6 episodes), then Princess Allura (for all the rest), was the Blue Lion (right leg of Voltron), which rose from the waters of the Castle Moat. Lance was the pilot of the Red Lion (right arm of Voltron), which appeared from his Den below an active volcano. Hunk was the Yellow Lion (left leg of Voltron) pilot, which emerged from a Den within a mountain. Last, but not least, was Pidge, the tiny genius who Piloted the Green Lion, whose Den was deep in the forest. Together, they would form the Lion Force which would fight and defeat evil King Zarkon, and his son, Prince Lotor, from the Planet Doom.

Voltron Force

Everybody knows the words which bring us the Defender of the Universe, right?

Keith: “Activate interlock! Dynotherms connected! Infracells up! Mega thrusters are go!”
All in Unison: “LET’S GO VOLTRON FORCE!”
Keith: “Form feet and legs! Form arms and torso! And, I’ll form the head!”

And, usually used for the final blow to the enemy:
Keith: “Form Blazing Sword!”

Originally Aired on TV: September 10, 1984
Theme Song Written By: John Petersen
Narrated By: Peter Cullen


From days of long ago,
From unchartered regions
Of the universe,
Comes a legend.
The legend of Voltron:
Defender of the Universe!
A mighty robot,
Loved by good,
Feared by evil.

As Voltron’s legend grew,
Peace settled across the galaxy.
On Planet Earth,
A Galaxy Alliance was formed.
Together with the good planets
Of the solar system,
They maintained peace
Throughout the universe,
Until a new horrible menace
Threatened the galaxy.

Voltron was needed once more.
This is the story
Of a super force of space explorers.
Specially trained,
And sent by the Alliance,
To bring back Voltron:
Defender of the Universe!

Defender of the Universe!

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I am a Big Fan of all types of animation. Like a lot of things, the cream always rises to the top. My favorites have included Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Rebels, anything Pixar, Phineas and Ferb, Voltron Legendary Defender, and the DC/WB Animated Films. I have a lot of Old School favorites as well, such as Star Blazers, Voltron, Looney Toons, Tom & Jerry, and Scooby Doo.

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