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Harry Debuts on ToonBarn reviewing Voltron Force: Gary

ToonBarn Harry

Here at ToonBarn, we hope you are delighted to meet our newest sensation, a cartoon character named Harry. Harry will be popping in from time to time to talk about stories relating to cartoons and animation, or he may review an episode of a TV show, or a full-length animated feature film. Harry won’t take the place of the text that comes with a story. That will always be there. More so, he will be an additional way to view and hear about these stories that ToonBarn provides. In this first video, Harry will introduce himself, and then take you on a ride through the latest Voltron Force episode, “Gary”. Below the video, you will see that we have included the review of the episode, complete with screenshots, in case you would like to read about it. So, buckle up. Here we go!

Lotor is Speechless

As the episode begins, Maahox introduces Lotor to the newest weapon he plans to use to take down the Voltron Force. When Lotor sees this holographic pet, he is so speechless, he does a double-take, because he can’t believe Maahox is serious.

Cadet Simulation Training

At the Castle of Lions on Arus, the Cadets are in the middle of a training simulation, until Space Mice chew through the wires, causing Lance to have to fix the simulators.

Space Mouse steals Pidge's Wrench

Hunk and Pidge are trying to fix the Nexus on Black Lion when they also have a run-in with the Space Mice. One of them tries to steal Pidge’s wrench.

Hunk's Mousetrap Invention

Hunk reacts quickly and sets up his latest invention: a mousetrap. When he activates it, the Space mouse gets sucked up into it and trapped. Don’t worry, Princess Allura comes to his rescue. The Space Mice play a big part later in the episode.

Vince meets his downloaded prize

Vince, who was playing video games all night long, beats a new challenge to win a downloaded holographic prize, a cute little creature that Vince names “Gary”.

Gary Multiplies into hundreds of clones of himself

While Vince falls asleep, Gary clones himself into hundreds of little copies, and they all start exploring the Castle.

Allura's shower becomes way too hot

After taking down Lance on a doorway he was trying to get through, the little Gary clones make the water in Allura’s shower way too hot.

Gary causing problems all over the castle

After causing problems all over the Castle, the Gary clones go after the Lions, starting with Black Lion.

Gary takes control of Black Lion

It doesn’t take long before several Gary clones take control of Black Lion, which doesn’t make Hunk and Pidge very happy.

Vince is asleep while mayhem ensues all around

Vince is still sleeping as Daniel and the others are running around, amongst all the mayhem that Gary clones are causing. Looks like staying up all night, playing video games, will help you sleep through anything.

Lions gang up on Black Lion

Keith was able to get inside Black Lion and take back control, while other Gary clones took control of the other 4 Lions and ganged up on Black Lion.

Hunk's Mousetrap works again on Gary clones

After the rest of the team gains back control of each of their respective Lions, Hunk uses his mousetrap to suck up and trap all of the Gary clones.

Gary grows big and breaks out of the castle

Hunk’s trap doesn’t hold them for long, though. A giant Gary grows out of the trap and breaks out of the Castle. If you haven’t caught the Ghostbusters and Gremlins references in this episode, then you just haven’t been paying attention. The Giant Gary reminds us of the Super-sized Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters, who was just too cute to be scary.

Gary causes problems with Black Lion's Nexus

The Lions all get together to form Voltron, except it appears one of the small Gary clones managed to get caught in Black lion’s Nexus, and was able to avoid being sucked into Hunk’s trap. This little Gary manages to mess with Voltron’s configurations, making it hard for the Voltron Force to control Voltron.

Gary Hugs Voltron

No, you’re not seeing a Voltron Force version of Dancing with the Stars. Because the little Gary keeps messing with the Nexus, and the Big Gary can keep disappearing every time Voltron tries to hit it, Voltron is having a tough time. The Voltron Force finally gets an idea from Pidge. He thinks they can turn Hunk’s mousetrap into a bomb, but they need Allura to convince the Space Mice to take the bomb inside Gary’s belly, while Voltron keeps Gary from disappearing.

Vince and Pidge both feel responsible

While the Cadets take the place of Pidge, Hunk, and Allura, Vince tells Pidge he’s sorry for bringing Gary into the Castle through the video game. Pidge tells Vince he feels responsible too, for allowing Maahox to reach them through the video game he designed himself.

Space Mice take bomb to Gary

Allura was able to convince the Space Mice to go along with the plan, as they take the bomb to place it in Gary’s belly.

Gary kisses Voltron

While the Space Mice are working to get the bomb far inside Gary, Gary does something rather unexpected. He kisses Voltron! Ewwwwww!

Team reacts to Gary kissing Voltron

The group shot of the reaction of the pilots to seeing Voltron get kissed by Gary is priceless! The pure look of shock and disgust is definitely comical.

Gary blows up from the inside

So, as you may have expected, and in dramatic fashion, I might add, Gary blows up from the inside. Don’t worry, the Space Mice were able to scurry away before the explosion. They are now, of course, regarded as heroes in the Castle of Lions.

Maahox had to admit he failed

As the episode draws to a close, Maahox had to report to Lotor that his holographic pet idea had failed, and he cowers in shame. This was precisely what Lotor had expected to happen.

The Voltron Force knows that they have to fix the broken Nexus on the Black Lion. The next episode of Voltron Force will cover what happens when they try to do just that. The episode is called, “Five Forged”, and it will air on Nicktoons at 8 PM (EST) this Wednesday, March 7. Here is a preview:

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  1. Sheila Bliss Sheila Bliss

    This was so cool to watch!

    So this is the Voltron episode that was a rip off on Ghostbusters that people were ranting about.

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