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Wade lets loos his legions on Allura

Nickelodeon and Nicktoons Voltron Force: Hungry for Voltron Review

Wade lets loose his legions on Allura

This week’s episode, Voltron Force: Episode 12: Hungry for Voltron, showed the more diplomatic side of what it means to be a member of the Voltron Force. Larmina gets to learn how to respect other cultures and how to behave like a true ambassador of Voltron and her home planet of Arus. In order for this “lesson” to occur though, Princess Allura had to accept an invitation to the Planet Ebb, knowing that it could be a trap. Lance and Keith both saw it as a trap, but Allura was steadfast in her resolve. If there was any question about it before, in this episode, we found out who truly has the last word on the Voltron Force.

Allura Teaches Cadets about Diplomacy

The Cadets are getting a lesson from Allura on how to be tactful while on a mission as the Voltron Force. As members of the team, they are not only warriors, but ambassadors for Voltron and Arus. As such, they have to be careful about respecting other cultures, and realizing that their words and action reflect on the reputation of Voltron. Larmina is getting tired of this speech, as she claims she has been hearing it for years. She thinks nobody compares to Arus on anything, like Art or Food or… Football. As an example of how Larmina needs to learn to respect other people, she asks Larmina how she would react if someone spoke negatively about Arus at the Football Game. Larmina gets caught up in a daydream where she basically beats up everyone who is cheering for the other team, and yells, “Arus is Number 1!”, while standing atop a pile of defeated fans. Hunk comes by to tell Larmina that the Football Game is about to start, and Larmina runs out of the room with Hunk. Class Dismissed.

Larmina fights crowd in her football vision

While everyone who isn’t watching the football game is gathered in the control center, Ambassador Coran appears to tell Allura, that he received a message on the old multiphase diplomatic channel, which hasn’t been used in years, and the message was specifically for Allura. Pidge punches the message up on the video screen for everyone to see.

Message for Allura

Sypat, ruler of the Planet Ebb says that they are tired of Sky Marshall Wade’s tyranny, and they wish to form an alliance with Arus and the outlawed Voltron Force. His officers won’t launch their ships because Wade’s armada is lurking in their local system. So, he asks Allura to come to Ebb and to hurry. Keith and Lance are certain this is one of Wade’s traps. Allura says they can’t be sure of that. She says, even if it may be a trap, she’ll take any risk to restore unity in the alliance, and make them united against Wade. She believes the galaxy must have hope, and agrees to meet with Sypat, taking Coran and Larmina with her in the Blue Lion. She wants to use this as a lesson in diplomacy for Larmina.

Coran, Larmina, and Allura in Blue Lion

Blue Lion in Asteroid Field

As the Blue Lion makes its way to the Planet Ebb they use a route suggested by the Ebbians for avoiding contact with Wade’s ships, an asteroid belt that allows them to go undetected. As they get close to landing on Ebb, Coran remarks about about how there aren’t any lights on during their nighttime, which is odd. When they land, Sypat and his guards are there to greet them. Allura greets them with well wishes from Arus, and says she is ready to discuss the terms of the alliance at once. Sypat remarks that it will occur, but first asks them to join them in a feast they have prepared in Allura’s honor. Larmina makes a comment about how the people there were staring and murmuring, but catches herself before she says something disrespectful.

Sypat Greets Allura

At the feast, the Ebbians appear to be eating ravenously, as if they hadn’t eaten in a long time. Larmina asks what it is they are eating, and Allura tells her the polite thing to do would be to eat it. Larmina takes one taste and can’t stand it, claiming Arusian food is way better.

Ebbians feast - Larmina doesn't like it

Coran lets Allura know that what they are eating is not traditional Ebbian cuisine, and that serving it at a State Dinner is unusual. Larmina mentions that she noticed the guards locked the doors after they sat down, and Allura wonders if it was meant to keep others out or them in. Allura tells Larmina to get back to the Blue Lion and signal the rest of the Force. She will cover for her. Coran starts acting as if he is getting very sick, and Allura tells Sypat their ambassador has taken ill, and has to be returned to their ship. With that, Wade and his Lion appear from up above, claiming to Allura that if they leave now, they’ll miss dessert. Waderoids start crashing in on the feast, and everyone scrambles. Allura uses her Voltcom to fire an arrow from her bow, and Larmina uses her Voltcom Nunchucks to take down a few more Waderoids.

Allura's Bow and Arrow

Larmina Nunchucks

As they run down the hallway to try to avoid more of the Waderoids, they run into a few more, which Larmina dispenses with her staff. But the Waderoids keep coming. As they are looking for a way out, Sypat appears from a doorway, and tells them to follow him quickly.

Sypat leads them away from Waderoids

As they run into the room, a smoke bomb blasts, sending gas into the room, knocking them out. Sypat and Wade are standing above them, with gas masks in their hand, clenched against their faces. Wade tells Sypat, “Well done.”

Wade and Sypat use gas to capture them

As they awake to find they are locked in a cell, and their Voltcoms have been taken from them, Larmina remarks how she can’t believe Sypat would betray them, and is thinking the whole diplomacy thing is a waste of time. When Sypat appears on the other side of the forcefield, Larmina tries to go after him, but gets blown back by the forcefield. Allura asks her if she feels better, and Larmina says this Ebbian experience isn’t building her appreciation for other cultures. Coran tells her not to be so quick to judge. He’s known Sypat for years, and admits Sypat is a good-hearted man. He wants her to wait until they know all of the facts before judging him.

Sypat explains why he betrayed them

Sypat apologizes for betraying them to Wade, but admits that his hands were tied. Ebb relies on trade with other planets, and Wade’s blockade was keeping his people from getting fuel and supplies. They have been starving for months. He told them Wade promised to lift the blockade if Sypat lured the Princess there. Wade appears, and tells them he knew how to make Sypat cooperate. He also knew Princess Allura would ne naive enough to fly there in the Blue Lion to show that she and the Voltron Force were not afraid of him. Coran says Wade’s fight is not with these people, and he should leave them in peace. Wade says he’ll be the one to decide when the blockade is lifted, or even if it gets lifted at all. Sypat is starting to see that Wade never intended to hold to his part of the bargain. Meanwhile he has plans for the 3 of them. Larmina says she hopes that those plans include her foot and his butt. Wade snickers and says, “Well, aren’t you the brave one.”

Wade to Larmina: Aren't You The Brave One

Allura and Coran are placed in some type of empty arena, although they don’t feel alone. From his control area, Wade tells the Princess that he’s arranged for a very large audience to watch them (as cameras appear around them).

Wade controls action in arena

Wade appears on screens all over the galaxy, welcoming members of the Galaxy Alliance to a special live transmission. He shows everyone how he has captured Princess Allura, a vaunted member of the outlawed Voltron Force. Pidge sees this transmission.

Pidge sees Wade's Transmission

Immediately, he tells the others the Princess is in trouble, and Lance, Keith, Hunk and Pidge all scramble to their respective Lions. This time, we get to see what happens once they go through their numbered doorways. They grab hold of a zipline, which takes them to a pod in the shape of a ball. This pod travels through an underground passage until it finds a spot below the Lion, where it is pushed up into the Lion, sitting in it’s den. Then they launch their Lions out of the dens, and into space, on their way to Planet Ebb.

Pidge takes Zipline to Green Lion Pod

Pods take each Pilot to Lion

Hunk's Pod

Lions go to save Allura

Wade continues to transmit his live show to everyone in the galaxy. He wants to show everyone how futile it is to resist his authority, by meeting Princess Allura and her Blue Lion on the field of battle, and eradicate them. He claims it is a fair fight, of course. He sends out a legion of drills and Waderoids to fight Allura and Coran. The reason he kept Larmina up with him in his control area, was to deter all 3 of them from jumping in the Blue Lion and flying away.

Larmina and Sypat Kept with Wade

As Wade’s Lion keeps Larmina at bay, Allura and Coran are running away from blasts coming at them from Wade’s ships.

Allura and Coran dodging lasers

As they barely avoid getting hit by the lasers and missiles, they finally make it to the Blue Lion, and are lucky enough to have the key to pilot it.

Allura Gets key to Blue Lion

As Wade is distracted trying to destroy the Blue Lion, Sypat shows Larmina that he has her Voltcom, and slips it to her, without anyone else seeing it. Coran wishes they had Larmina so they could bust through the dome and escape. Allura assures him that Larmina is quite capable of getting herself out of trouble. So, she’s just biding her time, putting up with the Waderoids and other nuisances in the arena. Larmina puts on her Voltcom, and proceeds to escape into the arena, letting out a “Arus is Number 1!” cheer, while blowing a raspberry into a nearby camera, which brings cheers from all the viewers on Ebb.

Larmina Activates Voltcom

Larmina Blows Raspberry at camera

Wade then tries to turn the broadcast off, but Sypat is jamming the signal using a special handheld device he is carrying.

Sypat Jamming the Signal

Larmina hops into the Blue Lion, and they smash through the roof of the arena and back out into space. Larmina admits she is starting to like this diplomacy stuff. As they try to meet the other Lions, they realize that Ebb is surrounded by an Umberon Force Field, which is how Wade kept Ebb under blockade. He must have shut it off when they arrived because he knew they were coming. According to Coran, no ship can get through one of those forcefields and survive. Allura tries to tell the rest of Voltron Force to reverse engines, but it’s too late. They end up hitting the forcefield and falling back. Their systems need to re-boot, and they ask Allura how long she can hold out. Good question, since a number of flying tanks appear and form a very large Wadebeast.

Wadebeast forms from flying tanks

The Wadebeast starts to attack the Blue Lion, but Allura is able to maneuver out of the way. Pidge gets the systems back online for the other 4 Lions, but says they need more power to make it through the blockade shield. Keith says it’s time to form Voltron. Wait… what? Lance asks the same thing, “Can we do that with only 4 Lions?” Pidge says it would be a first, but if Hunk compensates on his megathruster, they could pilot Voltron with just one leg. They go through the commands, and form Voltron with only one leg.

4-Lion Voltron

Who knew? Then, they form Blazing Sword and try to cut through the shield, but it doesn’t work.

Voltron tries to break shield with Blazing Sword

Pidge claims they would have more power in the sword if they had all 5 Lions. Since they don’t, they’ll have to try something else. Larmina gets on the com and says they are getting hammered. That gives Hunk an idea, and Keith says he’s already on it. “Form Yellow Center!” They start hitting the shield with the wrecking maces but it is only draining the shield slightly. Keith has an idea to hold the wrecking maces out, while he spins Voltron, making him into a spinning mace.

Spinning Maces Voltron

Allura, who thinks the maces might not make it through the shield, knows something that can.

Blue Lion Leading Wadebeast to shield

She leads the Wadebeast up the to part of the shield that Voltron is hitting, and at the last second, darts out of the way, sending the Wadebeast flying right into the shield. As it is stuck in the shield, she gives it a solid kick to punch it through, and then forms the other leg for Voltron.

5-Lion Voltron

The full 5-lion voltron gets powered up and punches the Wadebeast with the wrecking maces. This isn’t enough to beat it, so Hunk holds the wrecking maces together, and a yellow ball of energy is sent blasting into the Wadebeast, which bursts it apart.

Yellow Burst Wrecking Maces

As it falls back through the atmosphere of Ebb, and crashlands near Wade and his Lion, they both decide to leave in his ship.

Wade leaves with Lion

To bring a food supply to Ebb, they enlisted an old friend… Manset. His resources were able to quickly pull together many supplies in a short period of time. As we see the whole Voltron Force having a Proper feast with the Ebbians, Sypat remarks how he is grateful for Princess Allura and the Voltron Force for freeing their planet from the tyranny of Wade, but he is still ashamed for not standing up to Wade.

Sypat thanks Voltron Force

Allura assures him that he was there for them when they needed him most, and now that their supply routes are open again, they can rest assured, they will not be threatened by Wade again. Allura asks Larmina if she has anything to add. Larmina yells out, “Diplomacy Voltron-Force Style Kicks Butt!”

Larmina's Last Words

Sypat tells Allura, “The young lady has great potential.” As we pan to Keith and Lance, Lance tells Keith, “So, it’s understood that Wade crossed a line today?” Keith says, “Yes. This ends NOW!”

Keith: This Ends NOW!

What Keith means about ending it with Wade still remains to be seen. I can’t help but wonder what is going on with Maahox and King Lotor while all these Wade episodes are occurring. With the next episode, it will be 3 Wade episodes in a row. What happens if King Lotor decides to attack the Voltron Force while they are in the middle of a battle with Wade? It has to happen sooner or later, but will Voltron Force be ready?

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