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Voltron NYCC Panel

Voltron: Form Blazing Fun! was absolutely the funnest panel we have ever had the pleasure to attend. It was held at New York Comic Con on October 14, 2012, and covered EXCLUSIVELY by ToonBarn. This extremely fan-centered panel, Hosted by Jeremy Corray, Creative Director at World Events Productions (the Creators of Voltron), had a little bit of everything for fans of all ages. Half-way through the panel, Jeremy went through the crowd to have them ask questions. Throughout the whole panel, he gave out Voltron Prizes, from drawing ticket numbers from the tickets that were given to every person who entered the panel. And to top it off, Jeremy shared rare footage from Season 2 of Voltron Force directly from his hard drive (none of which could be recorded in our footage – TOP SECRET!). All throughout the hour of Forming Blazing Fun, Jeremy just got crazy with the Voltron fans.

Jeremy was joined on the Panel by his special guests from all the Voltron Partners that bring you great Voltron Products. The first guest introduced was Traci Todd, Senior Editor of Viz Media, who brought us the 6-volume Voltron Force Graphic Novel Series that complemented the Voltron Force animated series on Nicktoons. The next guest introduced was Jacob Chabot, who was the artist on the 1st and 6th volumes of the Voltron Force Graphic Novel Series. After Jacob, Brian “Smitty” Smith was introduced. He was the writer for all 6 volumes of the Voltron Force Graphic Novel Series. Finally, the last guest to be introduced on the Voltron Panel was Scott Neitlich, the “Toy Guru” from Mattel, who runs the collection of Limited Edition toys. During the Panel, each of these guests gave the fans their stories about how they contributed to the world of Voltron, and how they came to be fans of the franchise.

ToonBarn had been given full reign over the panel, to take pictures and record video, by none other than the “Head Voltron Geek” himself, Jeremy Corray. He basically said, “Get crazy! Follow all of it, take audience reactions, and HAVE FUN!” So, we left no stone unturned. You will see ALL of it! We have the entire panel, broken up into 5 Parts (Because it is in HD, YouTube limits us to 15 minutes or less per file).

As an added bonus, after the panel, we interviewed all of the guests on the panel. You will see an interview with Traci Todd. On a separate video, you will see an interview with Brian “Smitty” Smith and Jacob Chabot. And finally, we joined Scott Neitlich at the Booth, in a segment we already released when the Black Lion Sold Out in 19 minutes on October 15, but we wanted to include it here as well, since both Scott and Jeremy are in the video.

Join in on Voltron: Forming Blazing Fun! See it all here, exclusively, on ToonBarn!

Now, take a look at the 3 Post-Panel Interviews with the Voltron Panel Guests. First is Traci Todd, followed by Brian Smith & Jacob Chabot, and finally Scott Neitlich and Jeremy Corray.

Wasn’t that fun?!

Believe it or not, we ain’t done yet. We still have a few more segments from New York Comic Con to bring all the ToonBarn fans. Stay tuned, because the last one will be a crazy mish-mash of all the action we saw at New York Comic Con. You don’t want to miss that! Coming Soon… on ToonBarn.

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