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NYCC Interviews: Voltron’s Jeremy Corray & Bob Koplar; Robotech’s Kevin McKeever

Voltron 30th Anniversary Preview Panel Interviews at NYCC

As we approach 2014, excitement is building to see what World Events Productions will do to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Voltron: Defender of the Universe. Voltron was introduced to US TV viewers on September 10, 1984, and the world has never been the same since. The phrase, “Form like Voltron” has been used in the media vernacular to signify a group of people coming together with one common goal that they share. Whether it’s an athletic team, a corporation, event organizers, or people working on a project, Voltron defines unity of purpose in this day and age.

The “Voltron Force” of fans were overflowing the room at New York Comic Con when the Voltron 30th Anniversary Preview Panel kicked off on October 13, 2013. The first 29 fans received a special fan-made print to celebrate the 29th Anniversary of Voltron.

Voltron 29th Anniversary Print

ToonBarn was there to record every moment of the panel, however the video that covers that whole panel requires more editing on our part to bring it to you in its entirety. Hopefully, that will be ready tomorrow.

Before the panel, we had some time to talk to Jeremy Corray (Creative Director – World Events Productions) and Kevin McKeever (Marketing Director – Harmony Gold). And in a separate interview, we also talked to Bob Koplar (Vice President – World Events Productions). Jeremy and Kevin talked about their Robotech Crossover Comic, coming in December, and also about the fact that Robotech and Voltron are both going strong with fans after 30 years. Jeremy also let us know what they would be talking about for the 30th Anniversary of Voltron, and a special collectible that would be available from Toynami in 2014.

Bob Koplar talked to us about Robotech, the status of the Live-Action Movie and more of what we can expect in 2014. Check out both of these interviews below:

Stay tuned for the Voltron 30th Anniversary Preview Panel video coverage, coming soon… on ToonBarn.

Voltron 30th Anniversary Preview Panel at NYCC

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