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Voltron: Defender of the Universe

Greatest TV Cartoon Theme Songs #11: Voltron: Defender of the Universe

The Voltron: Defender of the Universe Theme Song opens with the voice of Optimus Prime, the heroic leader of the Autobots on “The Transformers”, Peter Cullen. Even though most of the music is in the background, and there’s no singing, a spoken-word theme really works with the deep, authoritative voice of Peter Cullen. The music that does play in the background, written by John ...

Wanted and Unwanted

Voltron Force: Wanted and Unwanted Review

Voltron Force: Episode 10: Wanted and Unwanted is a Prison episode, where we find the Voltron Force involved in a plan to free political prisoners from a place called The Void. Sky Marshall Wade runs this prison to keep the worst of the worst, and anyone loyal to Voltron, out of his way… for good. It’s the type of prison where the food is ugly slop, everyone has to wear ...

Voltron Force: Dark Blue

Voltron Force: Dark Blue Review

In this latest episode of Voltron Force: Episode 9: Dark Blue, Vince pulls a Daniel, and does something very brave, brash, and bold, without asking the rest of the team first. The difference in this episode is that Daniel doesn’t have anything to do with it. Once again, we break new ground, on a new Planet, seeing Voltron with a new configuration and weapon. And this time, there is a ...

Voltron Force: Flash Form Go!

Voltron Force: Flash Form Go! Review

I’d like to start this week’s review by saying you can thank my son for last Thursday’s Episode (Voltron Force: Episode 8: FlashForm Go!). Obviously, he didn’t write it. And he didn’t do any of the animation… or the voices…or the music…or…you get the picture. But the idea for it came from him and thousands of other Voltron fans out there ...

Atlas forms Voltron: Defender of the Universe movie

Atlas forms Voltron: Defender of the Universe movie

Mega thrusters are go! Voltron has long since been an amazingly popular animated franchise, ever since the transforming and merging Team Lion became a fixture of cartoons in the 1980s. Nickelodeon’s Nicktoons recently jumped on that lion-bandwagon, reviving the team once more for the animated series Voltron Force. Now, Atlas Entertainment and World Events Productions (WEP) have bigger ...

Voltron Force: Lion Riders Return Review

Voltron Force: Lion Riders Return Review

Voltron Force takes a road trip to Planet Ariel to complete a Goodwill Mission to spread the message to everyone that Voltron is back and is fighting against Sky Marshall Wade’s oppression within the Galaxy Alliance. The seventh episode of the new Voltron Force series (Voltron Force : Lion Riders Return) has taken the Lion Team somewhere where they can spread the word about Voltron. This ...

Nickelodeon's Voltron Force: Hunkyard Review

Nickelodeon’s Voltron Force: Hunkyard Review

Did you ever think, there’s just not enough Hunk in your life? Well, this episode (Voltron Force: Episode 6: Hunkyard) satisfies your Hunk craving. From the old Voltron series of the 80’s to today’s Voltron Force, it seems as though Hunk never got a whole lot of attention. That’s all changed. After this episode, it appears as though Hunk may be the one member of the ...

Voltron Force: Joyride of Doom Interactive Review

Voltron Force: Joyride of Doom Interactive Review

The Producers of Voltron Force promised us that Joyride of Doom would be a game-changer in the Voltron Force Series. They weren’t kidding! If you were thinking this is your old Voltron, and/or just rehashed as Voltron Force, you were sadly mistaken about a great many things. Back in 1984, were you able to simultaneously watch Voltron and send tweets back and forth with the Producers of ...

Voltron Force: the Voltron Formula Still Works

Voltron Force: the Voltron Formula Still Works

After my 8-year-old son and I finished watching NickToons’ Voltron Force (Episode 4: Coran, Coran) on Thursday, he said something to me that was very profound about the show, and true of a lot of shows in general.  He concluded that there is a distinct formula in these shows that is simple, yet effective. (1.) The Evil Villain starts the show by hatching a diabolical plan to put an end ...

Voltron Force premieres with big numbers for Nicktoons

Voltron Force premieres with big numbers for Nicktoons

With a few decades of nostalgia from the 1980s classic series, Nickelodeon’s new Voltron toon, Voltron Force, made a huge impact during it’s recent debut! In fact, the numbers were so big that Nicktoons proudly proclaimed the transforming lions as the highest rated debut ever on the network. The opening episode, Voltron Force: New Defenders Trilogy, was just the start of what Nick ...

Nicktoons adds teams to Voltron Force

Nicktoons adds teams to Voltron Force

Voltron already has the 25 years of history. The 5 (count’em, five!) robot lions. Classic Media, World Events Productions, and Nickelodeon’s Nicktoons. What else does the famed Defender of the Universe need to add notches to his franchise belt? How about t-shirts and swimwear, courtesy of the Bentex Group. Or maybe Halloween costumes from Rubie’s Costume Company. Graphic ...

Voltron Force and THQ form a game partnership

Voltron Force and THQ form a game partnership

World Events Productions, Classic Media, and THQ are merging together to form something powerful. Sure, it’s not as cool (or as visually amazing!) as when the 5 individual robot lions merge to form Voltron, but the megacompanies are certainly holding their own when it comes to Voltron Force! Recently, they’ve come together to create video games basic on the classic Voltron: ... now has 6 pages of news and games!« First Page23456

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