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Clash of the Lions

Voltron Force: Clash of the Lions Review

Clash of the Lions

If you recall from last week, Lance and Keith said Sky Marshall Wade crossed the line. We all know how Keith and Lance feel about Princess Allura. They will protect her at all cost. And by setting a trap for Allura in last week’s episode, the guys want nothing more than to get revenge on Wade. In this week’s episode, Voltron Force: Episode 13: Clash of the Lions, Sky Marshall Wade knows that “the knights in shining armor” will seek revenge by coming after him where he lives. He is ready for them.

Wade's Office

The team is gearing up for battle, making sure they will be at their strongest when they go after Wade. They are gathering schematics for Wade’s compound and seeing what defensive capabilities he has, while Hunk makes sure Voltron has the firepower to blast through all of it.

Voltron Force Prepares for Battle with Wade

Lance tells the Cadets there is no more training. This time, they go on the offensive to make sure Earth will be under the control of the Galaxy Alliance come next sunrise. Allura knows that Keith and Lance are not doing this assault on Wade for political reasons. She tells Keith straight up that this is personal.

Allura chastises Keith for the assault on Wade

Although she’s happy to see Lance and Keith are in agreement about something, this is not what the Voltron Force is all about. Voltron is the ‘Defender’ of the Universe. They protect, not assault. And they don’t do anything for revenge. Especially revenge on behalf of Allura. So, Allura refuses to be a part of this assault on Wade. Lance says they are doing it with or without Allura.

Daniel wonders why Wade just plays with them, instead of launching a full out attack on the Castle of Lions on Arus. He thinks Wade has a total giant robot obsession. Coran appears and tells Daniel that Wade has always been obsessed with Voltron, at least as long as he has known him. Larmina didn’t know Coran had a history with Wade.

Coran gives Cadets history of Wade

Coran tells the Cadets about his days in the Galaxy Alliance Flight Academy with Wade. He said the real dream was to attract the attention of the Voltron Force. Both Wade and Coran pushed themselves to excel, almost daring the Voltron Force not to notice them.

Coran and Wade as Cadets

When they finally did, Wade learned of one of the true mysteries of Voltron. The Lions seem to sense who is worthy to pilot them. When Wade tried to pilot Black Lion, it just spit him out, literally.

Black Lion spits out Cadet Wade

Since he was rejected by Voltron, Wade spent his life building his own war machine, desperate to prove he was better than he Defender of the Universe. Coran finishes his story by saying that one of the most dangerous things in existence is true love given way to unchecked rage.

Allura slams her Voltcom down and says that they will have to go without her. Keith tells Larmina and Daniel that they have Blue Lion, while Vince has to ride with Pidge in Green Lion. Allura and Coran watch as they fly away.

Voltron Force leaves without Allura

The Lions fly to Earth to go after Wade.

Lions reach Earth

As they enter the Earth’s atmosphere, Wade appears on their coms to tell them he knew they were coming and he has a special surprise for them. Lance just punches in his screen so he doesn’t have to look at Wade. Keith tells the team to form Voltron.

Form Voltron in the Classic Style

This is the cool part of the episode. The forming of Voltron was done in the classic style from the old Voltron Series, including the music from the previous series. If you want to see the opening theme of that old Voltron series, check out this link to #11 on the list of 20 Greatest TV Cartoon Theme Songs of All Toon Time.

Voltron lands on Earth

To the team’s surprise, there is no defense system firing on them, and there are no Waderoid fighters or robots coming after them. There is just Wade walking through a hangar door, by himself with a small shotgun. As Wade raises the gun to aim at Voltron, Keith tells the team to move, but it is too late.

Wade fires Corite from Shotgun

Wade fires at the chestplate of Voltron, and it goes right through to Voltron’s heart. As Wade empties the chamber of the shotgun, he tells them it is a single charge of Corite dug from the heart of the Planet Ariel. Voltron immediately shuts down and discharges all of the team members to the ground at Wade’s feet. They obviously land there, wincing in great physical pain, while in shock that this could happen.

Voltron Force Ejected From The Lions

Wade uses a zipline from the special suit he is wearing to hoist himself up into the head of Voltron. Then he connects a few wires from his suit to Voltron’s mouth area, and a holographic image of his face appears where Voltron’s face usually is.

Wade forms head of Voltron

Wade tries to offer some advice to the “rookies”. Don’t take rejection sitting down. When someone tells you can’t have something you want, you just find a way to take it. As he says this, he uses his new Voltron to punch in the ground near the team, which sends them all falling. Wade remarks about how he always told the people that Voltron was a menace. Now, he’s going to show them what he was talking about. He starts walking Voltron towards the city nearby.

Vince immediately starts chasing after Wade, and manages to plant himself on Blue Lion’s right leg of Voltron. He uses his Voltcom power to link into Voltron’s network, to see if he can find out what happened.

Vince taps into Voltron

He gets a glimpse of what happened when the Corite hit the heart, and spread to the rest of the network. Wade shakes off Vince before he can learn anymore. The rest of the team catch up to him and see if he’s alright. Pidge asks him if he saw any ways to stop Wade. Wade responds by saying, “I would be more worried about how you’re going to stop them.” He points to the hangar, where Wade’s Lion, some mechanical lions and a number of Waderoids, all start coming after the Voltron Force. The team uses their Voltcoms to get into battle gear.

Voltron Force Voltcom Battle Gear

As they all start using their Voltcom powers to fight off the attackers, Vince claims that they need to go after Wade, because he’s heading toward the public, and these other Waderoids and such are just a distraction. Daniel saves him with his super speed, just before Vince gets mauled by one of the “distractions”. As Keith and Lance are fighting back-to-back, they lament over how this was a trap designed by Wade to play on their need to protect Allura.

Volron Force Distracted by Waderoids

Lance says they could sure use her right now, and anyone else she could round up. Just then, Daniel and Vince get an idea. They head toward the Flight Academy Building, and tell the others they’ll be right back. Lance tells Larmina to back them up. In the meantime, Keith tries to call Allura on the Voltcom, but hers is still sitting on a table in the Control Center on Arus. She is actually in the Catacombs, seeking advice from the hologram of her father, King Alfor.

Allura Gets Advice from King Alfor

She thinks she has abandoned the Voltron Force. But, if she was to support the mission, wouldn’t she be abandoning the nature of Voltron itself? He thinks the bigger question is, “What is the nature of Voltron?” She thinks it is to Defend the Universe. He tells her that Defending the Universe is the Mission of Voltron, as it always will be. However, the spirit of Voltron is forever evolving. He thinks Voltron, and the Voltron Force is entering another period of change.

Larmina, Daniel, and Vince are heading down a corridor in the Academy building that is suddenly filled with Waderoids. Vince tells the others he’s got this one. He jumps up on the shoulders of 2 of the Waderoids, and taps into them using his Voltcom power.

Vince Knocks Out Waderoids

He controls the 2 he is standing on, and proceeds to destroy all of the other Waderoids, finally smashing together the 2 he was holding. Larmina and Daniel find this to be a very cool power.

Daniel and vince tell Larmina to head back with the rest of the team, while they connect with the old videogame they played in the den. Meanwhile, Wade’s Voltron has made it to an area where people are, and as he knocks down supports, one is about to fall on a child. Hunk appears in the nick of time to protect the child.

Hunk Saves Little Boy

Pidge tells the rest of the team they have to stop Wade before he taps into more of Voltron’s potential. With that, Wade brings Voltron’s Hands together, and produces a large whip. And, of course, he makes a bad joke about the Lions becoming the Tamer. Wade uses the whip to destroy buildings as he moves through the city.

Daniel and Vince have now finished using the videogame in the den to ask for help, and Daniel wants to get back to help the Force, but Vince has a few more things he wants to check. He’s looking at schematics on Voltron, but doesn’t quite get the connection to the Corite. But then he gets a vision, and realizes that Wade built his own nervous system using the Corite when it expanded out from the heart.

Corite infected all of Voltron

The Corite grew an actual physical new skeleton inside Voltron. One Wade could control. So, he figures if Wade put it in, they could take it out. Daniel asks him how they are supposed to do that. Vince says to combine powers.

The others are still fighting outside, when Larmina shows up. They ask where Daniel and Vince are. She says that she thought they were playing videogames. Lance can’t believe they’d be doing that at a time like this, but Pidge knows exactly what they were doing. Above them, they see a large ship landing in their vicinity. It’s one of Manset’s ships. When it lands, the Lion Riders from Ariel come bursting out, roaring and cheering.

Lion Riders Assist the Voltron Force

The Lion Riders immediately go after the Waderoids that were distracting the Voltron Force from going after Wade. Chief Kalon tells them that their fight with Voltron can now commence. They all make a futile effort to fight their own robot, and Wade gets embarrassed watching them, because at least he knocked Voltron down a time or two when he fought Voltron. Daniel and Vince appear, and Daniel uses his Voltcom power to quickly vault himself into the empty hole in Voltron’s chest. Vince then uses his Voltcom power to combine all the powers of all the Force into Voltron, to remove the skeleton created by the Corite.

Vince grabs powers of all Voltron Force

Vince exposes Corite Skeleton

Wade starts to scream and gasp as his link to Voltron weakens. And finally, Daniel comes charging back through the chestplate of Voltron, carrying the Corite charge in his hand.

Daniel gets Corite out of voltron

Voltron powers down, and comes crashing down to the ground. Vince lets go of the other team members, and collapses himself, exhausted because that was really hard on him.

Wade crawls out from Voltron

Wade comes crawling out of Voltron, and Keith and Lance are there to pick him up and take him into custody. Keith lets him know that the Galaxy Alliance will get control back, and Lance lets him know the short version. “We win.”

Wade taken into custody

The Lion Riders take Wade’s Lion into custody. Lance wants to know what will happen to him.
Chief Kalon says that he was confused by the evil way in which he was raised. Given the plains of Ariel, and a pride to run with, he will be a new Lion.

Lion Riders take Wade's Lion to Ariel

Hunk asks how they are going to get a broken Giant Robot back to Arus. Manset appears. He says he has a few ideas how to get Voltron back home, and he’ll let them slide on the “friends and family” discount. It appears Manset has gone legit, as his smuggling days may be over.

Manset helps get Voltron back to Arus

Back on Arus, as they tend to Voltron, Lance tries to let Allura know it’s alright for her to say, “I told you so.” She doesn’t think she deserves to. Their mission was to bring down Wade, and they did. The Galaxy Alliance is united once again. Keith asks if they did right by Voltron. Allura says the Voltron she grew up with may not be the Voltron the Universe needs today. Voltron is forever evolving.

Pidge is looking at schematics on Voltron, and shows an area inside where the Corite pierced Voltron. That is an area that Pidge has never been able to crack before. Each Lion has one in their chest. It’s like a heart/hard drive, and they all come together when Voltron Forms, kind of like a Nexus. Now that there’s a hole in the Black Lion’s piece of the Nexus, it’s releasing all kinds of strange data, like the hieroglyphics the Cadets saw on Ariel.

New data appearing from hole in Nexus

Pidge can’t even begin to decipher this strange data, but access to it could change the entire way Voltron works. Hunk asks if that’s a good thing. Pidge says they will just have to find out.

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