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Keith's Great-Grandfather Appears

Voltron Force: Crossed Signals Review

Crossed Signals: Ghostly Ship sends out distress signal to Voltron Force

Voltron Force faces a mystery in the latest episode, “Crossed Signals”. By answering a distress signal from a ship that has been missing for 100 years, they learn some things about Keith’s past that could be a real game changer for the Voltron Force. This new information seems to make Allura see Keith in a whole new light. From the bad guys side, we find some things out about Haggarium that we didn’t know before. Maahox and Lotor are able to use Haggarium in ways that would surely become a problem for Voltron, when you imagine the possibilities. With this ability, they could make trouble for Voltron in several different corners of the galaxy, all at the same time.

The episode begins with Commander Cossack reporting to Maahox that the satellite is operational. Maahox lets him know there is a certain Drule Fleet he’s been dying to contact.

Cossack reports to Maahox

We see that signal being sent through space after Maahox activates the satellite. Imagine if Maahox and Lotor were to send these types of signals, with a Haggarium burst, all through the galaxy. And not just to one particular spot, but several places, all at once. The evil energy would be hard to contain, even for Voltron Force.

Haggarium shot through space

As soon as Maahox activates his satellite, Voltron Force receives a distress signal from an Arusian Explorer ship, using an old encryption code. Daniel says that they are under attack from a Drule Fleet. Does anybody else find it strange, in the picture below, that all the members of the Voltron Force seem to be huddled close together, in a V-Formation, when they could stand anywhere they want in that big control room?

Voltron Force receives a distress signal

The Voltron Force immediately goes into rescue mode, with everyone heading for their Lions, using their respective zip lines.

Pidge Uses a Zip Line to get to his Lion

These zip lines take each team member to a rolling sphere that takes them to the Lion’s Den.

Zip lines drop Larmina and Allura into a rolling sphere

When the Lions get to the spot where the distress signal originated from, they find a graveyard of ships that look like they’ve been there for many years. Pidge finds out that the explorer ship went missing over 100 years ago. Daniel wonders if the distress signal came from the past.

Lions arrive to find a graveyard of ships

Allura thinks the only way they’ll find out why they received a century-old distress signal is to explore the Explorer ship, which means that some of the team will have to stay with the Lions. The Cadets are given the honor to have solo duty in the Lions for the very first time. Larmina and Daniel are really excited about this, but Vince’s creepy side gets the best of him, and he doesn’t seem thrilled to be sitting in a Lion, in the middle of a ship graveyard. Daniel reminds him, using telepathy that they gained from the previous episode, “I, Voltron”, that this is their first “official” solo Lion mission. Then, Vince seems to see the value of the assignment.

Cadets psyched about getting solo duty in the Lions

On board the Explorer ship, the team walks the corridors, and trips the motion sensors that kick off holographic messages. These old messages mention a “Commander Kogane”. Hunk wonders who this Kogane person is, and Allura reminds him that Kogane is Keith’s last name. Hunk, in one of the funniest lines of the series, says, “Oh yeah! Sometimes, I forget we have last names.” (Because they only ever use first names in this series, and come to think of it, nearly every cartoon ever made) Of course, this has Keith perplexed, wondering how an old ship knows him. Pidge is able to detect Haggarium readings, which may have been how these messages have been triggered.

Old messages using Keith's last name appear on the explorer ship

While the Cadets are out on Lion Watch duty, Daniel and Vince are getting into using the telepathy more and more to communicate with one another, especially when they want to talk about Larmina without her knowing.

Vince and Daniel use telepathy to talk to each other with their thoughts

With the Lions all tethered together, Daniel suggests they should explore the area, and Larmina agrees they should patrol, since they can’t see all the areas of the grid. While they do this, Daniel and Vince play a little trick with Larmina, using the telepathy again. That is, until they notice some large, Bat-like robots stealing the Yellow and Red Lions.

Bats take off with Yellow and Red Lion

They chase after these Bats, with Vince closing in on the one holding Yellow Lion. When he shoots at it, he misses, but his bolts hit something on one of the graveyard ships that sets off a vibration, causing the Bat to release Yellow Lion. Vince picks up on this, just as Larmina gets grabbed by a couple more Bats.

Larmina in Blue Lion gets grabbed by Bats

Meanwhile, Pidge and Hunk go off on their own to try and see if they can contact the Cadets, as the Haggarium seems to be throwing off their communications. As they are walking around, they set off an intruder alert defense mechanism, which catches them. Lance comes to their rescue.

Explorer ship's defenses grab intruders Pidge and Hunk

Vince tells the others to emit a high frequency Sonar signal to try to get Larmina released. They do, and Larmina gets free. Then, she teaches us how, even though sound can’t be heard in the vacuum of space, the vibrations must have caused the bats some headaches.

Lions use high frequency Sonar to make Bats release Larmina

Pidge, Hunk and Lance were able to find a section of the ship where a hole had been blasted in the hull of the ship, and they are able to contact the Cadets to pick them up. The Cadets act like nothing happened while they were watching the Lions, since they had them all back safely, and Pidge doesn’t know why they are acting funny.

Pidge, Hunk, and Lance ask the Cadets to pick them up

Just when they have gotten back in the Lions, and are about to try to reach Allura and Keith, Lotor’s command ship appears. Lotor is excited to see the Voltron Force is here, as they were following the signals of the newly-reactivated Drule Fleet to find a certain treasure that exists on the Explorer ship. Maahox warns him that he must secure the treasure first before going after the Voltron Force, but Lotor is too anxious to defeat the Voltron Force.

Lotor's command ship appears

Still back in the Explorer ship, Allura and Keith have found what looks to be the Bridge of the Explorer Ship, and as they approach, a video appears on the screen, starting with the crest of the Knights of Arus, then explaining how they were looking for the 5th planet responsible for Voltron’s mystical energy. They mention that Commander Kogane was hoping to pass on the information to future generations of Arusians, like his grandson, Kenneth Kogane (Keith’s Father). Keith now learns he is not from Earth, but descended from Arus.

Knights of Arus symbol appears

Lotor appears on an outer level of the hull of his command ship, clad in his armor-laden spacesuit. He starts using Haggarium sparks to reactivate some of the dead Drule ships in the graveyard of ships. He is also able to control those ships and have them fire upon the Lions. The Lions scramble to avoid these ghost ships.

Lotor brings old ships back to life

As they are having a tough time getting past this whole fleet of ships that Lotor has now activated, they want to form Voltron. Lance knows they’ve never had Daniel lead the Forming of Voltron in Black Lion, all by himself. Daniel assures them they have no choice, and to trust his ability. He calls for them to Form Voltron.

Daniel forms Voltron

Daniel, of course, uses the Flash Form Go! command to get Voltron formed quickly.

Flash Form Go!

After getting zapped by Lotor’s Haggarium, Daniel hands the Center Configuration over to Lance in Red Lion, and they form Magma Pistols, which start to quickly take out all of these formerly dead Drule ships.

Draw Magma Pistols

As Voltron is firing Magma Pistols at all the Drule ships, there is a large one Voltron can’t see, that Lotor had activated and sent, like a missile, toward Voltron. Keith and Allura see it from their Explorer ship and start looking for firing controls on the bridge. Then, out of nowhere, an image of Keith’s Great-Grandfather appears, the ships engines start, and Keith and Allura are ejected from the ship.

Keith's Great-Grandfather Appears

The Explorer ship starts heading on a collision course with the large Drule ship that was sent to destroy Voltron.

Explorer ship on a collision course

The Explorer ship explodes against the Drule ship, in a fiery blast, saving Voltron.

Explorer is Destroyed

The blast affected all the control Lotor had over the Haggarium, and he is unable to go after Voltron any further.

Lotor is unable to go after Voltron Force

While Pidge and the rest of Voltron Force, who are now back on Arus, lament of losing the data that was on the Explorer ship, Lance sarcastically says, “The mystery of the Ghost Ship continues…”, which gets a derogatory, “Lance!” from Allura. When they see her put her arm on Keith, everyone wonders what is going on.

Everyone wonders what this is about

Meanwhile, Daniel and Vince, who are still speaking to each other telepathically, decide to let Larmina in on their little secret.

Daniel and Vince want to let Larmina in on a secret

In this clip from Wednesday’s all new episode of Voltron Force on Nicktoons at 8PM EST, “Roots of Evil”, a Haggarium infused plant is digging to the core of Arus threatening to destroy the entire planet! Faced with the loss of her planet, Blue Lion pilot Princess Allura struggles with her choice of being a Queen to her people or a full-time member of the Voltron Force!

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