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Blacksmith recognizes Vince for valuing Unity over his own self-doubt

Voltron Force: Five Forged Review

Voltron Force: Five Forged

When it comes to Voltron, 5 is a magic number. 5 Pilots in 5 Lions come together to form the mighty Defender of the Universe. As we find out from watching “Five Forged”, there are 5 Planets that each contributed to the creation of Voltron. Pidge’s Planet, Balto, provided the technical designs for the big guy, forming 5 Lions into 1 giant robot. Ariel was where Voltron was forged, and some of the main elements of Voltron are found within the mines of Ariel. Arus is where the Lions call home, and is where Voltron developed its strong sense of Unity. Earth provided the human element, whereas Voltron would not need pilots without it. There are still questions that need to be answered about the 5th Planet. As it turns out, the Voltron Force has to pass through 5 Trials, each coming from a different Planet involved in the creation of Voltron, to prove they are worthy to find what they seek (fixing the injured Black Lion).

As we recall from previous episodes, Black Lion’s Nexus has been damaged since Sky Marshal Wade shot it with a Corite bullet in “Clash of the Lions”. In last week’s episode, “Gary”, a little Gary got inside the Nexus and infected it with Haggarium. Pidge warns the team that things could get a lot worse if they don’t repair the Nexus now.

Black Lion's Nexus Needs Repair

Keith gives the go ahead order, and Vince tries to connect to the Black Lion’s Nexus.

Vince tries to access the Nexus on Black Lion

However, Vince manages to trip the Black Lion’s security protocol, and Black Lion goes crazy and busts out the castle, and takes the other Lions with him.

Black Lion busts out of the Castle

The Voltron Force heads out in a small spacecraft to see if they can locate the Lions. Luckily, Chief Kalon of the Lion Riders calls the team and lets them know that the Lions had just arrived on Ariel.

Kalon tells Voltron Force the Lions are on Ariel

When Voltron Force gets to Ariel, they meet up with Chief Kalon and Daigo, and Daniel reminisces about the last time they were at the Forge on Ariel. As they try to figure out why the Lions are there, all 5 Lions point their tails at the closed entrance to the ancient mines, and blow open the entrance. A Krelshi appears, and he looks angry.

Lions blow out entrance of ancient mines and Krelshi comes out

The Voltron Force try to fight off the Krelshi, but then the Krelshi calms down when he sees the Lions. He actually goes over and sniffs the Voltron Lions.

Krelshi fights off Voltron Force, then sniffs Lions

The Krelshi then makes glowing symbols appear on both sides of the entrance to the ancient mines. Larmina and Allura help in the translation of these symbols, where they learn that the Forge is the place where Voltron was created, and that it is sacred ground. The path of Lions leads to “the den of creation”. They are warned that they will face trials to determine if they are worthy of what they seek. Anyone who is not worthy will bring disaster on the entire party. Keith says that since they are Voltron Force, that should count for something.

Krelshi makes ancient writing glow on the entrance to the mine

They all start going into the entrance, but Vince is held back by the Krelshi, who continues to tell him he is not ready. Since Vince wants to help Black Lion as soon as possible, he tells the others to go without him. So, the 7 of them make they way down into the mines, while Vince waits outside with Daigo.

Everyone except Vince goes into the mine

They get into the 1st room and the door closes behind them. The room resembles a circuit board, and a red pulse starts moving all around the floor and walls. Once the red pulse reaches the foot of someone, it shocks them. Pidge starts to recognize the pattern of the board, but then he gets shocked unconscious. Keith picks Pidge up and puts him over his shoulders, and Lance looks to the Cadets to figure out the puzzle.

1st trial has shocking affects

Larmina remembers some of what Pidge had taught them about circuit boards, and recognizes that this one has the pulses jumping off all over the place. If they were to get out of there, they would have to line up all the connectors.

Larmina and Daniel make the connectors line up

As soon as they reach the next room, Lance knows this 2nd trial is the obstacle course of Death. There are giant hammers swinging back and forth, giant razor-sharp swords popping out of nowhere, and spinning razor blades coming through the floor. Daniel and Larmina race to see who can complete it first. Hunk has to carry Pidge across the obstacles. Luckily, they use their Voltcoms to punch, swing, kick, and dodge their way through. Pidge wakes up when a spark hits him.

2nd trial is a deadly obstacle course

The 3rd trial has spinning pylons that blast out laser bolts at anyone who tries to cross their path. The trick is to dodge the laser blasts and move before they hit you. Pidge comes down off Hunk’s shoulders, throws his ninja stars at a few of the pylons to knock out a few lasers, and runs through the last part of it.

3rd trial needs quick movements to avoid getting blasted

While they get a few seconds rest, Pidge thinks he recognizes the trials, and Voltron himself, were designed and put together by a collaboration of Planets. Balto was most likely the first trial with the circuit board, and the obstacle course looked like a blacksmith’s deathtrap from the metal mined on Ariel. Even though they could tell that the laser blasts from the trial they just got through were the same thing powering Voltron, they didn’t know what planet they were from. As soon as Keith asks how many collaborating planets there are, some robots appear, and Pidge says, “at least 4”.

Pidge explains there are several collaborating Planets involved in the Trials

The robots are somehow jamming the signal for the Voltcoms, making them useless. This takes the Voltron Force by surprise, and they end up getting knocked down by the robots.

Keith gets punched by robots that jam their Voltcoms

After everyone gets knocked down a time or two, Lance figures out that the human element is the one getting tested in this 4th trial. It looks like they need to resort to hand-to-hand combat. After that revelation, it doesn’t take them long to knock out all the robots.

Daniel dives out of the way as 2 robots collide

They finally make it to the next room, which looks a lot like a workshop. Tools and blueprints are hanging up on the walls. Allura finds designs for Voltron, which show the contributions of 5 Planets.

Allura finds designs for Voltron in the workshop

Pidge looks at the Planets chart, and sees Balto, Ariel, Earth, Arus, and another Planet he doesn’t recognize.

Pidge cannot determine the 5th Planet involved in the creation of Voltron

Several objects that look like consoles appear from under the ground in the middle of the room. Allura tells the others that she knows this trial is represented by her home planet of Arus, and they should trust that her ancestors would not lead them astray.

Several objects appear in the middle of the workshop

So, following Allura’s lead, they each put one of their hands on each console. As they do, the consoles close around their hands, locking them in.

Everyone puts their hands on the objects and it locks them in

As soon as they all do this, several Krelshi appear, and start attacking them. The team tries their hardest to defend themselves while they are trapped in place. The consoles are flexible, so it gives them a little room to flip around.

Krelshi attack the Voltron Force

On the surface, Black Lion’s infection is too much for him, and he falls over. Vince can hear the others calling out for help, and knows he must act fast to save Black Lion.

Black Lion falls over and Vince says his team needs him

Vince leaps over the Krelshi guarding the entrance to the mines, and runs quickly down into the area where the trials took place, with the Krelshi following close behind him. He makes it through the circuit board trial with some fast footwork, avoiding all the red pulses.

Vince makes his way through the trials with ease

Coming into the obstacle course of death, he makes quick leaps and swings using his Voltcom, and runs very fast to avoid all the obstacles.

Vince makes his way through the trials with ease 2

The room with all the laser bolts coming from spinning pylons is nothing to Vince. His determination and adrenaline power him through.

Vince makes his way through the trials with ease 3

There is 1 robot standing in his way. Still in a dead run, he gathers up energy, and sends a firebolt into the robot, disintigrating it in one blast.

Vince makes his way through the trials with ease 4

As Vince reaches the rest of the team, who are surprised to see him, he gets an idea of what he must do from the Krelshi that was following him. When he entered the room, another console rose from the middle of the room. He quickly goes over to it and places his hand on the console, despite the objections of the team, locking himself in it.

Vince adds his hand to unify the team

Now that they all have connected to the consoles, all 5 of the Krelshi start swirling together above the team like a twister, and soon form into a man who resembles a blacksmith.

5 Krelshi come together to form the Blacksmith

Allura recognizes again that this was a trial from Arus… a test of Unity. The Blacksmith says that Unity is the fundamental essence of Voltron, and he praises Vince for putting unity above his own self-doubt. The Blacksmith moves over to the wall where the tools are, and Pidge follows him. Pidge recognizes him as the Blacksmith that forged Voltron. He has a ton of questions, but the Blacksmith does not have time to answer them. He has a limited role and little time to help fix Black Lion.

Blacksmith recognizes Vince for valuing Unity over his own self-doubt

Back on the surface, the Blacksmith asks everyone to stand back as he starts using 5 different tools to fix Black Lion’s Nexus.

Blacksmith starts working on fixing Black Lion

Blacksmith uses a different tool for each Planet represented

Blacksmith uses a different tool for each Planet represented 3

Blacksmith uses a different tool for each Planet represented 4

Blacksmith uses a different tool for each Planet represented 5

In a little while, the Blacksmith is finished, and Black Lion feels like new again. Keith says he feels real good. He thanks the Blacksmith for fixing Black Lion, and says the universe owes him a huge debt.

Black Lion feels good again

Daigo can’t help himself. He wants the Voltron Force to Form Voltron, and they gladly oblige.

Let's Go Voltron Force!

Ready to Form Voltron! Activate Interlocks! Dyno-therms: Connected! Infra-cells: Up! Mega-thrusters are… GO! Let’s Go Voltron Force!

Voltron Forms

The Blacksmith then transforms back into the 5 Krelshi, and they return to the ancient mine. Keith says they are now ready for anything.

Voltron is ready for anything

Look for everyone’s favorite Voltron cosplay artist, Voltron Girl, in the next episode of Voltron Force: “Dradin, Baby, Dradin”. See if you can catch the two-second cameo she makes.

Voltron Girl gets a cameo

From WEP channel on YouTube: “When the Voltron Force takes a well deserved R&R trip to Manset’s Pleasure Planet Dradin, it quickly turns into chaos! The cadets take a Lion for a joy ride while Manset’s Drule Mafia connections get him in deep trouble with Boss Dread, a rogue ex-general from Planet Doom! Watch Voltron Force every Wednesday at 8PM EST on Nicktoons!”

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