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Vince takes Daniel out

Voltron Force: I, Voltron Review

Voltron Force: I, Voltron Review

“I, Voltron” reminds us of a collection of short stories written by Isaac Asimov and published in 1950, entitled “I, Robot”. Isaac Asimov’s collection of 9 stories share a theme around the interaction of humans, robots and morality. Asimov had originally wanted his collection to be called, “Mind and Iron”, but the publisher wanted the “I, Robot” title. Thoughts about whether robots could ever behave like humans, or even think like humans, and whether they really should, have plagued the minds of science fiction writers for many years.

In this Voltron Force episode, we find out what would happen if the brain of a human was used to control Voltron, who is himself, a collection of 5 robots brought together to form 1 giant robot. Daniel goes through an experience that helps him to learn about the true nature of Voltron, and his relationship with the Voltron Force. We had seen previously, in “Clash of the Lions”, what happened when Sky Marshall Wade became Voltron, through the use of a Corite bullet shot into Voltron’s Nexus. In that episode, the Voltron pilots were rejected from the Lions, and Wade was able to control Voltron, only until Vince was able to combine the powers of all the Voltron Pilots to remove the Corite infection.

The Cadets, as we have seen throughout this first season of Voltron Force, have matured in many ways, to become very capable members of the Voltron Force. However, as we are continuously reminded, the Cadets are still immature, and of the 3, Daniel is still the most immature. He often acts without thinking about the consequences of his actions. He tends to want to prove to others that he can do things himself, without counting on team members for support, even though, time after time, he learns he needs to work within the framework of the team.

Wade on Trial for Crimes Against the Galaxy Alliance and the Voltron Force

The episode begins on Earth, at the Trial of Herbert Wade, former Sky Marshall of the Galaxy Alliance. Coran leads the proceeding, detailing the charges of insurrection, for aiding and abetting the enemies of the Galaxy Alliance, treason, for the hijacking of Voltron, and the attempted destruction of Earth. Added to these crimes are kidnapping, illegal imprisonment, and sedition for engineering the original Voltron malfunction to take power of the Galaxy Alliance’s defense forces.

Voltron Force watches Wade's Trial from the Control Room on Arus

Since Princess Allura and Commander Keith are representing the Voltron Force at the trial on Earth, the rest of the Voltron Force and Cadets are watching the trial, simulcast on Arus, on a large screen holographic viewer, sitting on holographic chairs, eating popcorn, in the Castle of Lions control room. Daniel notices that Vince is missing the trial, and doesn’t want him to miss out on the verdict, so he goes out looking for him. He finds Vince working on a new invention, a mind-link interface to have the Voltron pilots be better connected to Voltron’s control system. Daniel thinks it is cool, so he grabs it out of Vince’s hands and puts it on his head, while it is plugged into Voltron. Vince tells him to stop, but it’s too late. An energy coarses through Daniel from the tip of his head, and Vince tries to stop it by unplugging the invention from Voltron. Daniel falls down, unconscious.

Daniel puts on Vince's Invention

Vince had Daniel looked at by Pidge, who found all of his vital signs to be normal, but there was no brain activity detected at all. At the same time, Daniel wakes up to find he is somehow now inside Voltron. Meanwhile, on Earth, as they call out the guilty verdict against Wade, a large Robeast, the Spider/Lion combination from Episode 2, breaks in through the roof of the Council Building. Wade climbs on board and escapes.

Wade escapes trial in Lider Robeast

As Keith and Allura make their way back to Arus, Keith gives the bad news to the rest of the Voltron Force about Wade’s escape. Pidge has a plan to trace the Haggarium signature of the Robeast, but doesn’t know that Daniel has taken over as Voltron.

Daniel's body is stable; His brain is in Voltron

Vince finds Daniel where he left Voltron, and is shocked to see that Daniel is now Voltron. He tells Daniel that he has to get his brain back to his body, but Daniel doesn’t want to listen. He’d rather be Voltron. He takes off for the sky, and leaves Vince behind. He swoops around Arus, and then takes off for Earth.

Daniel is enjoying his new Voltron Body

Daniel thinks about what he will do on Earth as Voltron, when he hears a distress signal coming from an Earth-bound ship. Meteors are hurtling towards the planet. Daniel decides to do his duty as Defender of the Universe, punching out all the meteors, and saving many people’s lives.

As he is patting himself on the back for a job well done, Keith calls him to tell him Wade had escaped, and he needs to come back to the Castle. Daniel ignores this direct order, and figures he can take on the Lider all by himself. He finds a Haggarium trail which leads to an asteroid that appears to be Wade’s location. When he lands on the asteroid, he engages Wade’s Lider immediately, but soon realizes he cannot form his Blazing Sword, or use the multiple configurations that Voltron possesses. With his powers so limited, he tries to run away, but the Lider shoots out Haggarium, which grabs Voltron by the foot. Daniel tries to get something to break himself free, but all he can manage is to have the Lion’s claws come out and cut himself free.

Voltron's claws come out

After he tries to fight in hand-to-hand combat with the Lider, Daniel ends up getting caught in a Haggarium web, which soon ends up being a cocoon, trapping Voltron inside.

Voltron trapped in Haggarium Web

The rest of the Voltron Force have landed where Volron is at this point, and they find the cocoon. Knowing that Voltron is trapped inside, they try different ways to get through, but as Hunk recalls, Vince was the only one able to get through the Haggarium the last time they fought against this Robeast. Vince uses his Voltcom power to break a whole in the cocoon, and goes inside to find Daniel.

Vince finds Daniel inside the Cocoon

While inside, Vince is confronted by Wade and Kala, who are now “one” with the Lider, having combined their powers. They let Vince know that their plans are to combine their powers with Voltron to become invincible.

Wade and Kala explain their plans to Vince

With Pidge’s suggestion, the Voltron Force works to free Voltron physically from the cocoon.

Voltron Force try to release Voltron from Cocoon

Once the Voltron Force break Voltron away from the grip of the Haggarium, Vince is able to blast at the virtual Lider trying to combine with Voltron.

Vince blasts Lider inside the Cocoon

Vince wakes up Daniel from the control of the Haggarium. Daniel thinks there was just a power failure, and he can go on being Voltron. Vince tells him that Voltron was trying to tell Daniel something – that Voltron was meant to be controlled by a team of pilots, not just one person. Daniel finally understands what Vince means, and agrees to leave the big robot.

Vince takes Daniel out

The Voltron Force still has to deal with the Lider, controlled by Wade and Kala. Hunk and Pidge set AwesomeTron on a collision course to the Lider.

AwesomeTron is on a collision course with the Lider

Hunk and Pidge jump out of AwesomeTron before it hits the Lider and explodes itself and the Lider into many pieces.

AwesomeTron is blown up with the Lider

Apparently, Awesometron’s sacrifice was in vain, as the Lider starts rebuilding itself again. Lance wants to finish it off, but Keith reminds him that they need to get Voltron and Daniel’s brain back home to get Daniel back to normal before it’s too late. They tow home Voltron, leaving the Lider to continue rebuilding itself.

Voltron gets towed home

when they get back home, Vince uses his power to return Daniel’s brain back to his body. There is a small side effect, however. Now, Vince and Daniel can hear each other’s thoughts without speaking. Really weird.

Vince returns Daniel's brain to his body

In Memory of AwesomeTron, Ep.15 – Ep.21

In Memory of AwesomeTron

In this clip from next week’s all new episode of Voltron Force, “Crossed Signals”, on Nicktoons at 8PM EST, the Force boards a mysterious vessel haunted by digital ghosts from the past. Why do these lost visions seem to know Commander Keith? New episodes of Voltron Force premiere every Wednesday only on Nicktoons!

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