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Peace does not last

Voltron Force: Inside the Music Review

Peace does not last

It feels so good to kick off the dust that accumulated for several weeks, while the memory of the first 13 episodes of Voltron Force were fresh in our minds, and anticipation built for another round of 13 new episodes. Hopefully, you were able to catch the stories surrounding New York ComicCon, where the Producers of Voltron were on hand to talk to the fans about the new episodes yet to come. And, maybe you had the pleasure to read ToonBarn’s own Exclusive Interview with the Producers of Voltron, Bob Koplar and Jeremy Corray. In that article, you would have learned about some of the great episodes we are going to see in the next few weeks.

Anticipation for last week’s new episode, (Voltron Force: Episode 14: Inside the Music), was so great that when the episode started, tons of people were anxiously waiting online to hear the tweets that would come from the @Voltron Twitter account (AKA Jeremy and Bob). This is still the best way to watch Voltron Force on Thursday Nights. Set up your twitter feed to watch for anything with the #voltron hashtag and turn on Nicktoons at 8:30 EST. You really get an interactive experience. Now… onto the episode… Inside the Music.

Ambassador Greets Allura

The Ambassador of the Galactic Alliance Embassy Delegation pays a visit to Princess Allura and Coran on Arus. He is grateful to have met with them on the cusp of Galactic Reunification. He mentions that he would like to have seen all of the heirs of King Alfor. Pricess Allura, knowing that he refers to Lady Larmina, assures him that she is nearby, as the whole Castle of Lions starts shaking violently. The Ambassador and others think it is an attack, but it is just Larmina and Hunk rocking out in another room. Hunk on his guitar, and Larmina on some kind of sound board. As we have become accustomed to in Voltron Force episodes, the amps Hunk uses, and the sound board Larmina uses are both holographic. Allura, who is not pleased about the racket, walks in on them and Larmina stops, but Hunk hardly notices.

Hunk and Larmina Rockin Out

Allura starts talking to Larmina about how the people of Arus have to come before everything else because she is a member of the Royal Family. Larmina still thinks the Royal Heritage stuff is a waste of time. Allura tries to emphasize now that Wade has been captured, the Galaxy Alliance is on the brink of a fragile unity, which means Peace for the people of Arus. She thinks Larmina should care about that more than her Music.

Larmina reminds Allura that she wants to serve Arus in combat, as a member of Voltron Force. She thinks people would appreciate her more if she was “kicking ass” instead of kissing it.

So, Allura walks away disappointed, because she’ll have to ask some low-level beaurocrat to plan the great Galactic Music Festival.

The mention of a music festival perks Larmina right up. Allura goes on to explain that the music festival takes place right on Arus, all to celebrate and perpetuate Galactic Unity.

Using another teaser she knows will excite Larmina, Allura describes a line-up that will include every great band from every quadrant, in every genre that matters. Larmina’s jaw practically drops, as she admits how awesome that all sounds. Allura admits that putting a festival like this together is pretty far from combat, so she would understand if Larmina wants her to find someone else to book the bands.

Allura gets Larmina to book bands

Larmina sees the mind game Allura is playing, and admits that it worked, because she is willing to take her royal duties seriously, starting with the Galactic Music Festival.

Larmina books first band

Later, we see Larmina auditioning a band called the Zarkonian Freaks, a band which totally rocked the audition and made it on the bill for the festival. Daniel and Vince enter the room as they are finishing up. She tells them, excitedly, that she can’t believe she’s talking to all her favorite bands. Daniel and Vince agree that the band rocks (perform music with much precision and passion).

Keith walks in and asks if all these bands she is booking have G-5 Security Clearance. Larmina asks why he is so worried. Keith says with so many people from the Galaxy Alliance gathered in one place, it would be the perfect opportunity for Lotor to attack. Larmina thinks he should lighten up, since it is just a music festival for peace.

Keith has security concerns for the festival

Keith wants to run a check on every performer before the event to see if they have any Drule connections. Larmina gives the OK. She is more concerned about booking the one band she would love to have at the festival, her favorite band, Stereolactic. She says they are reclusive, and no one knows how to get in touch with them. She admits they never play Live and no one has seen them outside their music. Keith thinks they are a perfect reason for a background check.

Stereolactic Larminas Favorite Band

Larmina remembers that Hunk is another huge fan of Stereolactic, and goes to see if he may know how to get in touch with them.

As the Cadets meet up with Pidge, he shows them the hole in the Black Lion’s nexus, which has given him lots of new data, but it is riddled with code that is so ancient, he almost has to create a new branch of science just to understand it. Larmina acts as if she cares about Pidge’s discovery, but all she cares about is finding Hunk, who happens to be helping Pidge nearby, wearing his headphones and listening to Stereolactic. He tells Larmina she should get Stereolactic to appear at the festival. Pidge tells Hunk they can finish up later. Hunk takes off his headphones, and patches the sound/video to the monitor, so they can all listen. Larmina recognizes the song right away. “Gravitationally Challenged!” Everyone agrees it is awesome.

Pidge agrees to ask Stereolactic to festival

Larmina asks Hunk if he knows how to get in touch with Stereolactic, and Hunk says no one contacts Stereolactic. Then, Pidge breaks in, saying he might be able to reach them. Larmina doesn’t believe it. He says that if he is able to get them, she has to promise not to bug them, as they are freaky about their privacy.

As she is about to write Pidge off for being all talk, a message comes in from Stereolactic saying that they are in for the festival. All of the sudden, the Cadets are all over Pidge, wanting autographs and pictures. Pidge tells the Cadets that even though they are tremendously cool, ultra-talented people, Stereolactic are just people.

Cadets see Pidge as Celebrity for knowing Stereolactic

Larmina thinks the Galactic Music Festival is going to be perfect.

As the crowds arrive on Arus from all over the Galaxy for the music festival, Allura tells Larmina how proud she is for pulling the whole event together. Larmina says it won’t be a success until Stereolactic sings, and they rush to the backstage area so she can meet the band.

Allura pleased with Larmina

Meanwhile, Keith is watching everyone entering the arena, looking for anyone who might be suspicious. He sees one guy who looks like he is carrying a holstered weapon on his belt. He confronts him, and uses his mini-blazing sword from his Voltcom to rip the weapon and half the guys jacket apart. The guy tells him that was his camera. Keith apologizes and gives him a free t-shirt.

Backstage, Larmina asks Pidge when they can meet Stereolactic. He tells her they aren’t there yet. She gets very impatient, and he tells her that these are impossibly famous, inter-galactic superstars, so they do what they please.

Larmina loses it, claiming there is a gazillion fans out there, expecting Stereolactic. Allura steps in and reminds her that today is about Peace.

Daniel and Vince want to talk about that. They are previewing the intros the bands submitted for when they go on stage. One, from the Venus Flytraps, had a short little message from King Lotor himself.

King Lotor message in video

Lotor says, “Greetings, assembled masses! How pathetic you are, gathered to usher in peace and unity. All a fallacy. Welcome to the era of chaos. (laughs wickedly) Enjoy the show.”

Larmina says they have to stop Lotor from reaching Arus so he doesn’t jeopardize her festival.

Vince thinks one of Lotor’s men came in and tampered with the video. Daniel says that somebody in that huge crowd is a Drule agent.

Keith thinks they should cancel the show. Larmina disagrees, and this time, Allura is on her side. Allura says this festival is a symbol of the new peace. If they are all sent home, Lotor wins. Lance says they will have to find the Drule agent before he can do any damage. Lance asks where Pidge is, and Hunk says he is probably scanning for any traces of Haggarium entering Arus airspace. Larmina thinks he went to find Stereolactic, and if they want the show to go on, they need performers. Allura tells everyone to split up, fan out, and keep a lookout for anyone suspicious. Just then, Larmina gets a call from Pidge on her Voltcom, saying that Stereolactic is in the house.

Pidge says Stereolactic is here

He tells her that it is just DJ Prong, and not the whole band. She asks where the rest of the band would be, and Pidge tells her they don’t exist. DJ Prong controls it all, using holographic projections. Larmina can’t believe her favorite band is a cartoon. Larmina asks Pidge to keep DJ Prong there, but Pidge tells her that he lost him in the crowd already.

Larmina asks Daniel to help her find DJ Prong, and he protests, since he thinks they should be looking for a Drule agent. She thinks it is possible that DJ Prong and the Drule agent might be the same person.

Crowd watching the festival

As the first band plays, Keith positions himself on top of the large speakers, with earplugs on. Lance positions himself in the sound booth, which has a sound engineer manning the board. Hunk is in the Mosh Pit, down with the crowd below the stage.

Hunk has crowd security duty

The Cadets finally find DJ Prong, but he quickly runs away from them. After chasing after him and not gaining ground, they start using their Voltcom powers to catch up.

Stereolactic leader disables Daniels Voltcom

Just as Daniel is about to pounce on him, DJ Prong pulls out a remote control and presses the button, disabling all of the Voltcoms. With the power to neutralize the Voltcoms, the Cadets are certain DJ Prong is the Drule agent. They finally corner him, and he ends up revealing his identity. It is Pidge!

Pidge reveals himself to be Stereolactic

The Cadets are stunned. Daniel says his brain actually hurts. He explains he was trying to keep his true identity a secret. Stereolactic got so big, so fast, that he was afraid to lose what was most important – his identity. Daniel thinks leading a secret double life is freaky. Pidge claims that his ultimate loyalty lies with Voltron Force. And he doesn’t want anything to interfere with that.

Vince tells him he could be a big star, but Pidge says then he wouldn’t be able to be part of Voltron Force.

Larmina has a revelation. DJ Prong is not a Drule Agent. But they still have a Drule Agent to find. Pidge didn’t know about the threat from Lotor. But, he has to take the stage as Stereolactic. The crowd is pumped up as Pidge and his holographic band, Stereolactic, start playing.

Pidge as Stereloactic performing

As Pidge plays, the Voltron Force is still on the lookout for the Drule Agent. In the sound booth, Lance tells the sound engineer to boost the bass, and the guy ends up throwing him out of the booth.

Sound engineer throws Lance out of tower

The sound engineer, now evidently the Drule Agent, places a canister of Haggarium into the sound board.

Haggarium canister attached to sound board

All of the sudden, the whole stage area starts evolving into a full-size sonic robeast.

Stage turns into a Robeast

The Voltron Force, without the Cadets, are watching from afar. Larmina and Daniel got trapped inside the robeast, and Vince is stuck in the crowd. Keith orders everyone to the Lions. As the Lions approach the arena, the crowd cheers for Voltron.

Vince caught in crowd as Lions arrive

The Lions form Voltron, and are immediately faced with the Sonic Robeast.

Robeast fires Sonic Haggarium at Voltron

Keith tells the team they have to be careful because Daniel and Larmina are inside that thing. Just then, the Sonic Robeast sends out a sound wave blast directly at the heart of Voltron and shatters Voltron until it splits apart into the individual Lions again.

Voltron Lions are thrown apart

The Lions form Voltron again as the crowd is in a panic at the arena and Vince is getting caught in the middle of it all.

Voltron in all his glory

Inside the robeast, Larmina and Daniel find themselves at Pidge’s deck, where he controlled Stereolactic. They are able to watch through a monitor to see what their robeast is looking at. Meanwhile, Voltron forms the Blazing Sword. The robeast attacks Voltron with a couple more sound wave blasts, and the team can feel the Haggarium leeching in. Pidge has an idea, but they need to find Vince.

Back inside the robeast, Larmina and Daniel locate the Drule agent, and start trying to climb up to him. Then, Larmina gets an idea about “leading her people”, or Pidge’s at least.

Voltron finds Vince in the crowd and scoops him up. Pidge says it’s time to see what Green Lion can do for Voltron. Keith fires the command, “Form Green Center!”

Going green nexus

The nexus switches to a green head, and a new Voltron is formed… Tech Ninja Voltron!

Tech Ninja Voltron with Shield

His weapon? A shield. The shield is able to block the sound wave blasts coming from the robeast.

Shield blocks Sonic Haggarium burst

Larmina has taken Pidge’s holographic band members and used them to get to the control room of the robeast. The holograms quickly climb past Daniel, and reach the top.

Larmina uses Pidges Band to thwart Robeast from inside

One of them knock out some of the power wires, and the robeast appears to stop.

Saboteur gets some unwelcome guests

The 3 of them then get by the Drule Agent, knock him down, and remove the Haggarium Canister from the board.

Band knocks out haggarium robeast

This enables Larmina and Daniel’s Voltcoms to work again, and they inform the rest of the team that they are in the belly of the robeast, while the Drule Agent is up top. Keith tells them to make their way out of there.

Meanwhile, the Drule agent has recovered and placed the Haggarium Canister back in the board. The robeast sends another strong sonic wave surge at Voltron, throwing him backwards. As Voltron gets up, the Shield starts spinning and Voltron throws it, like a boomerang, at the Robeast.

Boomerang shield rips through Robeast

Robeast cut in half

It slices the Robeast in the middle on it’s first strike through, then returns to finish the mid-section cut on the way back. The top half falls to the ground, as Voltron catches his Boomerang Shield. They look for Larmina and Daniel.

Larmina brings back music

Larmina brings back music 2

Larmina emerges from the center of the bottom half, cheering to the crowd, “Let’s hear it for Voltron Force!” “Peace will win out over Evil and War!” “Galaxy Alliance, time for Peace, Love and Rock and Roll!” As she says this, she plays some music. The crowd roars and cheers, and starts dancing to the music.

Crowd starts rejoicing

Tech Ninja Voltron even starts doing some dancing, and what dance would be appropriate here? Yep, the Robot.

Voltron does the robot dance

Stay tuned to Voltron Force on Thursday Night at 8:30 PM EST, as the Voltron Force meets Dudley, Classic Voltron’s biggest fan. There’s a lot of good Classic Voltron Karma coming your way.

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