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Predator Robeast Predators

Voltron Force: Predator Robeast Review

Predator Robeast Predators

The Voltron Force have faced their biggest challenge to date. In Voltron Force: Episode 11: Predator Robeast, a team of 5 Robeasts, all based on animal predators, give Voltron Force their toughest battle yet. These 5 robeasts include a Shark, a Snake, a Wolf, a Dragon, and a Minotaur. Each of these have been sent by Maahox to position themselves outside each of 5 dens of the Voltron Force Lions. You’ll recall that in “Voltron Force: Episode 8: Flash Form Go!”, Maahox had sent a probe to find out where the Lions’ Dens were hid. Based on that information, his predator robeasts were able to find each of these 5 locations rather easily.

Predator Robeast Minotaur

Predator Robeast Snake

Predator Robeast Wolf

Predator Robeast Shark

Predator Robeast Dragon

Maahox is openly pleased about this turn of events, as King Lotor appears to ask him why he must wait to go after the Voltron Force. Maahox explains that he is still not up to strength after his 2 re-births used up a great deal of the Haggarium. Since Voltron intercepted their last big shipment of Haggarium, they’ve had to switch to transporting the Haggarium in much smaller shipments, so they go unnoticed. Lotor lets him know that he is tired of waiting. Maahox assures him that his vengeance is coming, but perhaps in the meantime, he might enjoy some entertainment.

Maahox and Lotor

The Voltron Force Cadets are busy getting trained in the Control Center, because the Cadets may be called upon to defend the castle while the Voltron Force is away on a mission. So, Vince, Larmina, and Daniel all get their own challenges, and all come through with flying colors. Vince goes first, expanding the Force Shield to blow away an attacking drone.

Control Center Training for Vince

Larmina takes her own crack at it, and once again incorporates her fighting style into the defense of the castle, blowing away drones left and right.

Control Center Training for Larmina

It’s at this point that I don’t understand how the castle’s defenses have not yet noticed the Dragon Robeast that is circling around the castle. As Larmina and Daniel try to take a recess from training so Larmina can take Daniel on a tour around Arus, Vince stays behind to learn more about the castle defense system. Vince just happens to notice that Lotor’s command ship has entered Arus’ atmosphere. With that, the alarms go off, and Vince is told to get Larmina and Daniel back to help protect the castle, while the rest of the Lion Pilots head for their Lions. Again I ask, why couldn’t they detect the Dragon Robeast flying right around the castle?

Running to the Lions

As Larmina and Daniel return to the Control Center, the Lions are taking off one-by-one, and are suddenly met by resistance by their Predator counterparts, who quickly block them from getting out of their dens.

Wolf blocks Green Lion

Snake blocks Yellow Lion

Shark blocks Blue Lion

Minotaur blocks Red Lion

Dragon blocks Black Lion

The Voltron Force are stunned that they are unable to leave their Dens. Meanwhile, Maahox and Lotor seem very pleased.

Maahox and Lotor are very pleased

From the Control Center, Vince tells the team that they look like they are pretty sealed in, and asks if there is anything he can do to help. Allura tells him that they must protect the castle. They would figure out how to get out of their dens.

Cadets told to guard the Castle

Larmina and Daniel think there has to be something they can do to help. Vince takes matters into his own hands using his Voltcom power, which enables him to connect into the defense network. This is the first time Larmina and Daniel get a chance to see this power, and they are very surprised.

Vince tapping into defense network

While Vince is getting “wired” in, Larmina and Daniel decide to take their Hunkyard vehicles out to see if they can help Hunk get out of his den. Vince tries a few maneuvers to move the Dragon off of Black Lion’s den, but they don’t do any good. Then he starts thinking outside the box, and re-routes all the power from the cannons and the force shield into the counterdrone. Then, he has the counterdrone fire off a few shots at the Dragon, which is enough to back the Dragon far enough away from the Den for Black Lion to finally get free and clear.

Dragon blown back

Meanwhile, Larmina and Daniel have made it to the area where the Snake is hanging out outside Yellow Lion’s den. They start attacking it, to no avail. The snake just swipes Larmina’s ride to the side. Hunk fires a warning shot from Yellow Lion, and Larmina tells Daniel to lead the snake away from the den. Daniel tries to outrun the snake, and gets it just far enough away for Yellow Lion to escape from the den, before his ride gets knocked over too. They both climb inside Yellow Lion with Hunk.

Snake distracted by Daniel

Keith takes Black Lion over to the lake where Allura is blocked by the Shark. He fires a few laser blasts into the water, and it’s just enough to send the Shark running, and get Blue Lion free.

Black Lion helps Blue Lion get free

All Hunk has to do is play with the Wolf for a little while and it’s enough to get Green Lion out of its Den.

Yellow Lion distracts Wolf

Since Lance has been complaining that he’s the last one to get any help, everyone comes to his aid to help him get Red Lion free. Both Green and Yellow Lions hit the Minotaur hard at the same time, but it is still not enough until Blue Lion blasts a freeze ray at it, and it finally falls back. This enables Red Lion to get free.

Yellow and Green Lions hit Minotaur

Blue Lion blasts Minotaur

Of course, seeing that the Lions are all free from their dens does not have Lotor entertained anymore, and he voices his displeasure to Maahox.

Lotor grabs Maahox

So, Maahox just walks over to his control panel and pulls a lever, which sends a bolt of Haggarium from the command ship to all 5 predator robeasts on the surface below, infecting them with the evil force.

Predators infected with Haggarium

This is where the action really heats up, folks. From here on out, there is nothing but non-stop action until the end of the episode. Come along for the thrill ride. Once the predators become infected with Haggarium, they form their own version of a Predator Robeast Voltron, with the Minotaur as the head.

Minotaur Center Predator Robeast Voltron

The Voltron Force know they have a fight on their hands, so Keith tells Daniel to power up, and they “Flash Form Go!” Voltron in 3 seconds flat.

Flash Form Go Voltron

The first hit from Voltron knocks the Predator Robeast back, but it counters with Haggarium lasers coming from the Minotaur’s horns, which knocks Voltron on his back. Then, the Predator Robeast powers up from his Dragon left arm, and Pidge detects heat-seeking missiles are about to be fired. So, they form Red Center Voltron, and start running while firing upon the missiles with the Magma Pistols.

Form Red Center Voltron

Voltron shooting Magma Pistols

Voltron is able to destroy 2 of the 4 missiles with the Magma pistols, but the other 2 hit Voltron, making him dazed just enough for the Predator Robeast to strike with the Snake Right Arm. This sends Voltron flying backwards into the lake.

Predator Robeast launches Snake Right Arm

Voltron emerges from the water, and they form the Blue Center Voltron, with the Titanic Trident.

Form Blue Center Voltron

Form Titanic Trident!

Using the Trident, they freeze the whole lake, with the Predator Robeast in it. The Predator Robeast quickly escapes from the frozen lake, jumps over to Voltron, and a jagged edged sword emerges from the Wolf Right Leg, which hits Voltron, making all of its systems fail. Voltron is now dead in the water, so to speak.

Predator Robeast Jagged Sword

Voltron Dead in the Water

The Predator robeast then picks Voltron up, flies him high above the land, and throws Voltron down hard to the ground, where it forms a crater from the impact.

Voltron getting thrown down

Voltron forms crater from fall

I told you this was non-stop action. While Voltron is down, the Predator Robeast starts flying straight down toward our hero. Just before it gets there, Pidge is able to get the systems back, and they Form Yellow Center Voltron with the Wrecking Maces, which land a direct hit on the Predator Robeast.

Predator Robeast closing fast

Voltron Wrecking Maces hit Predator Robeast

Then, Voltron jumps on top of the Predator Robeast while it’s down, but it wraps the snake around Voltron’s leg, then kicks Voltron into the forest.

Predator Robeast wraps Snake around Voltron

Voltron gets up and Forms Black Center and the Blazing Sword. It attacks the Predator Robeast, but unbelievably, the Blazing Sword breaks. The Predator Robeast sends Voltron flying into the volcanic area near Red Lion’s Den.

Standoff in magma

The Voltron Force comes up with a plan to Form Red Center, and drag the Predator Robeast into the Magma with them, but before they can enable the plan, the Robeast gets recalled, and taken away by Lotor, back to the command ship.

Robeasts taken away by Lotor

Maahox can’t believe Lotor would take the Robeasts back when they were winning the battle. Lotor tells Maahox that he hasn’t endured all that he has to watch some animals take the glory of destroying Voltron. He wants that glory for himself.

Lotor wants to destroy Voltron himself

The team counts their lucky stars that Lotor recalled the Robeast, because they weren’t sure they could beat it. While they’re talking to each other, Vince comes up in his Hunkyard vehicle to “rescue them”, but sees that they rescued themselves.

Vince comes to the rescue

Keith asks, “Hey, Where did Vince get that tank?” Guess they’ll have to tell the rest of the team about the Hunkyard.

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