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Voltron Force: Roots of Evil Review

Voltron Force: Roots of Evil

Voltron Force: Roots of Evil took the Voltron Force in a totally new direction. We really didn’t think there was going to be a change in the dynamics between the Voltron Force Pilots and the Cadets in Season 1. In this episode, Larmina proves her worth, time and time again, until she ultimately makes the move no Cadet has made to this point. She replaces her Aunt Allura as the Voltron Force Pilot for the Blue Lion. We would have expected a little more from a ceremonial perspective, though. Considering something like this doesn’t happen very often, we were expecting a lot more gallantry and hullabaloo. There was no more pomp and circumstance than a brownie becoming a girl scout. One thing that did make it special was that it concluded the episode.

Typically, in a story that starts off with Lotor and Maahox hatching a plot to destroy the Voltron Force, we see them reacting to another failure by the end of the episode. This was left to Pidge to conclude before the ceremony took place. Pidge explained that the Drules, in a nutshell, did not get the Haggarium harvest they were hoping for. What is a Haggarium Harvest, you say?

Well, Maahox is experimenting with many methods to produce more Haggarium. In one method, he can grow plants that, when ripe, will produce a liquid Haggarium that must be harvested when it is ready. Lotor walks in on him, and Maahox admits he is working out some kinks in the experiment. Lotor suggests growing it on a different planet, and Maahox tells him, as usual, he is a few steps ahead of him.

Maahox is developing Haggarium plants to harvest

On Arus, Princess Allura is teaching Larmina about another common duty of the Royal Family, the People’s Forum. This is a time when even the most humble people of Arus get to come to the castle and seek assistance from the Royal Family. On this day, Allura greets the people and asks the first person she sees what she can do for him. He identifies himself as Barmy, and says his concern is on his farm. Then, Keith tells Allura that she is needed in the Control Room, and that it is urgent. We never find out what the “Urgent” matter was that pulled her away from helping the people of Arus.

Allura meets Barmy, a farmer on Arus

At the end of the day, Allura needs to consult with her Father, King Alfor. She wants to honor her responsibility to the people of Arus as a Princess, but her role as a member of the Voltron Force continuously takes her away. King Alfor suggests that maybe it is time for the people of Arus to have a full-time Queen.

Allura looks for guidance from King Alfor

The next morning, as Larmina tells Allura, who is deep in thought, that she missed breakfast, Barmy appears again. Allura tells him she is glad to see him, because she wants to help him. He reports that the problem on his farm is now an emergency. Before he can talk further about it, a quake (not an earthquake, since we are on Arus) erupts, knocking down a chandelier that Allura and Barmy were able to avoid.

Earthquake interrupts Allura helping Barmy

Allura needs to go with the Lions to work on quake rescues, so Barmy is left with Larmina to figure out the problem on his farm. Keith tells Daniel to find Larmina and secure the castle. He finds Larmina, and decides to make an executive decision and join her and Barmy.

Voltron Force goes out on quake rescue duty in the Lions, and finds that the Chozzerai Dam is cracking open. Pidge, Keith and Allura work to rescue people in harms way, while Lance and Hunk fix the cracks in the dam. Hunk has Yellow Lion hold the dam in place, while Lance fills the cracks with magma from Red Lion’s tail.

Lance and Hunk fix cracks in Dam from Earthquake

Once the team gets back to discuss what may have caused the quake, Pidge and Vince identify something crawling underground, like fingers, with high levels of Haggarium.

Once Larmina, Daniel and Barmy reach Barmy’s farm, Barmy shows them the tree that has stolen his livestock. Certainly, this is something you see every day. This reminds us of the Whomping Willow, just outside of Hogwarts, from the Harry Potter series, which would attack anyone and anything that came within range of its branches. Barmy explains how this “fella” came by and gave him some “magic seeds” (Maahox, or one of his Drule Henchmen – not sure how this didn’t raise a red flag for Barmy), so he planted them. How come the Haggarium detector that Pidge built didn’t catch this? All Daniel knows is that the closer he gets to the tree, the more he starts to itch. This is also sensed by Vince, through their telepathy. Daniel tells Vince he is fine.

Barmy shows Larmina and Daniel the tree stealing his livestock

At Allura’s direction, the Voltron Force uses tunnels, created underground during the Zarkonian Wars to protect the people of Arus, to search for the “something” that caused the quake.

The Haggarium Tree starts branching out above and below the surface, causing problems for both parties.

Haggarium tree wrecking havoc on surface and in tunnels

Down below the surface, Pidge tells the team that the root system seems to be burrowing deeper toward the core of Arus, which could destroy the Planet. Allura gets all fired up, saying, “Not on my watch! Not ever!” She uses the Freeze Tail on Blue Lion to build an ice wall to keep the roots from spreading.

Allura blocks tree roots with Blue Lion's Freeze Tail

Back on the surface, Daniel is going crazy, with his Voltcom powering his claws, he is attacking any branches of the tree that come after him, and his Haggarium infection is obvious with his glowing violet eyes. He had gotten infected when his virtual self was cocooned inside the Haggarium with Kala, Wade and the Lider.

Daniel is infected with Haggarium

Larmina contacts Vince over the com and tells him that Daniel is going crazy. Vince tells her he is infected with Haggarium, and she should get him as far away from the tree as possible. Larmina grabs Daniel to tell him to avoid the tree because he is infected, and Daniel ignores this warning, thinking he is fine.

Larmina tries to get Daniel away from the Haggarium tree

To make matters worse, a Drule ship hovers over the tree, while plants start bursting open, dropping liquid Haggarium all over. Drule soldiers drop in on ropes, attempting to harvest the Haggarium for Maahox. Daniel goes after some of them.

Drule soldiers rappel in to harvest the liquid Haggarium

Larmina continues to try to keep Daniel away from the tree, and in the process, manages to catch him as he falls, sticking her pole in the tree.

Larmina catches Daniel and sticks to tree

As Daniel jumps down, Larmina flips off her pole and kicks 2 Drule soldiers on her way down.

Larmina kicks some Drule butt

Under the surface, Voltron Force is able to get to an area of the tunnels big enough for Voltron to fit. They form Voltron, but Hunk interrupts Keith to say they should go Yellow, since Pidge and Hunk have added an upgraded weapon to the arsenal. They form Yellow Center, and Voltron uses two spinning chainsaw blades to cut through the roots in the tunnel. This is only mildly effective.

Yellow center Voltron has new chainsaw blades

Pidge asks Vince to provide them an energy boost, and Vince’s power ends up blowing out all the roots under the ground.

Vince provides boost to keep roots from reaching Arus' core

Allura tells the team they need to get to the surface, so, they form Black Center (without us seeing), and they use Blazing Sword to drive them through the ceiling of the tunnel and back to the surface. The Haggarium tree, now without it’s roots, is able to walk on the surface, and engages Voltron in battle.

Voltron Bursts through the surface

Lance picks up Daniel in Red Lion, and Allura picks up Larmina in Blue Lion. Allura asks Larmina how Barmy is doing. She tells Allura, “Oh, he’s out there, somewhere.” Allura tells Larmina to take the controls, and Allura goes out to find Barmy. She does find him, and tells him to run, as they try to avoid getting hit with Haggarium.

Keith, who doesn’t know Larmina has taken over in Blue Lion, calls out to form Blue Center so they can freeze the tree. Larmina goes with it, forms Titanic Trident, and with a certain flair never seen by Allura, shoots a couple bolts of freeze ray from the trident.

Larmina hits tree with Titanic Trident

Pidge is impressed, since he thinks it was Allura doing it. Larmina lets them know it is her, and tells them it’s time to kick this tree out. Watch this video (no sound), as Vince gives the Trident a special boost to freeze the tree, while Larmina uses a new special Blue Lion Kick to break it completely apart.

After the tree was destroyed , and the Drules fled in their ship, Pidge assures everyone that the Drules didn’t get nearly as much Haggarium as they came for. While the Cadets get a free moment back at the castle, they discuss Daniel’s infection. He asks them to keep it a secret, or he may get kicked off the Force. They agree to keep it a secret, while Vince tries to work on a cure for him.

Daniel's Infection will be kept a secret

Allura meets with Keith and Lance to let them know she has decided to take on her responsibility to the people of Arus full-time, as their Queen. Keith asks her if she thinks Larmina is ready. Allura assures him she is more than ready. Later, they begin a ceremony which involves Allura taking the key out of her Voltcom, and putting it into Larmina’s Voltcom.
Larmina gets Blue Lion Key

Next, Larmina interlocks hands with Allura, and she magically receives a new uniform, exactly like Allura’s uniform.

Larmina gets a new uniform

Allura then salutes Larmina, and declares, “Welcome to the Voltron Force!”

Welcome to the Voltron Force

As Vince wonders which one of them will be next to become a Voltron Pilot, Keith looks on with a smile.

Keith smiles as Larmina becomes Blue Lion Pilot

Lotor is back and bringing an army with him this Wednesday at 8PM EST on Nicktoons! Maahox creates evil clones of King Lotor to invade Arus and bring down Voltron once and for all. But can Lotor lead an army of himself? And how will Larmina do in her first official mission as Blue Lion pilot? Make Wednesday night Voltron night at 8PM EST only on Nicktoons!

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