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Wanted and Unwanted

Voltron Force: Wanted and Unwanted Review

Wanted and Unwanted

Voltron Force: Episode 10: Wanted and Unwanted is a Prison episode, where we find the Voltron Force involved in a plan to free political prisoners from a place called The Void. Sky Marshall Wade runs this prison to keep the worst of the worst, and anyone loyal to Voltron, out of his way… for good. It’s the type of prison where the food is ugly slop, everyone has to wear gravity-enhanced ankle bracelets, solitary confinement is a black hole, and some of the ugliest creatures in the galaxy are imprisoned here. Oh, another thing. It is invisible most of the time, due to a cloaking device, which makes this prison impossible to find. Hey Voltron Force! When you devise a plan, you may want to let your Cadets in on it, so they don’t complicate the whole setup. Just sayin’!

We open the episode in the city, during a rainstorm, where Daniel is following Keith because he thinks Keith is doing something “covert and cool” and Daniel wants to get his back. Keith confronts him to tell Daniel he shouldn’t be there and he needs to leave.

Keith tells Daniel to leave

Daniel doesn’t take the hint fast enough, and Wadebots appear, which Daniel starts fighting, and beating, until Keith tells him to stop. Before Daniel knows it, Keith is giving himself up, and gets caught by the Wadebots. Daniel also gets caught and the Wadebots take both of their Voltcoms.

They are on their way by ship to a prison called The Void, which Keith tells Daniel, since it was Keith’s plan to get caught (but not Daniel), as that was the only way to find The Void. Keith tells Daniel, as they are brought on board, that they wanted to find The Void because Wade was keeping political prisoners there that never deserved to be there, and he was going to break them out, and now Daniel too, who wasn’t part of the plan. As they are talking, a little space mouse crawls out from Keith’s pantleg and disappears into a nearby vent in the wall. They are greeted by a Wadebot recording of Sky Marshall Wade, who is matriculating new prisoners, and providing them with gravity-enhancing ankle collars.

Gravity-enhancing ankle collars

The Wadebot recording lets them know that while they recommend keeping the collars on, they can remove them, and escape, at any time. Keith lets Daniel know that the “escape” is not something you want. It’s very important to leave the collars on. The security checkpoint conducts a scan of both Keith and Daniel. After Keith gets scanned, alarms go off, and a Wadebot tells Keith he has been deemed a high security risk, and Keith immediately falls through a trap door in the floor. As soon as that happens, a slight distortion occurs, and the Wadebot tells Daniel that the generator has been reactivated, and they are once again hidden from the rest of the universe. Which means, in no uncertain terms, that Daniel ceases to exist.

Daniel is brought into a gymnasium-sized area, where a number of prisoners are working out with weights, while others are just sitting around. Daniel immediately gets picked on by a much larger inmate, who looks like half man and half octopus.

Daniel gets into a fight

They get into a fight, and it looks like Daniel is losing, when an inmate who looks like a spider gets in between them and starts fighting with Daniel’s opponent.
The fight sets off alarms all across the inmate area, and a large holographic screen appears, with Wade telling the prisoners that because of their actions, he is rewarding them with another opportunity to escape.

Wade opens the roof

With that, the roof opens up, and a strong force pulls on all the prisoners, but those with their ankle collars on are able to keep their feet planted. One inmate is not so lucky, and gets sucked out into space. After everyone recovers their air, an inmate named Manset, who we saw in the first episode, helps Daniel up from the floor.

Manset helps Daniel

Manset explains to Daniel that he is on Daniel’s side. He and Keith have a long history together, and he was actually the one that provided Keith with the plans to the prison. He tells Daniel he is a part of the Den Resistance. He tells Daniel the reason he ended up there was because one of his clients tried to earn favor with Wade by turning Manset in. Manset tried to warn Keith but it was too late. So, Wade knows Keith is coming, and he knows Keith’s plan to escape.

Meanwhile, in another part of The Void, Keith is sitting in a chair with a light shining on him. He is greeted by a Wadebot with Wade’s image on it, and thinks Wade is not there, until Wade’s Lion appears, soon followed by the real Wade in the flesh. Wade, in his sinister sarcastic way, thanks Keith for joining them in The Void. Wade tells him he had to be there to see the look on Keith’s face when he tells him he knows his plan to break out of The Void. Keith just gives him a blank stare that Wade doesn’t find as exciting as he had hoped.

Keith stares down Wade

Wade also tells him he knew about the Lions following Keith to The Void, so he sent his fleet out to greet them, knowing that they wouldn’t win the battle, but give them just enough time to disappear. We see the battle between Wade’s fractals and the Lions, who get through the fleet just in time to see The Void disappear.

The Void Disappears

Manset tells Daniel the plan was to deactivate The Void Generator, but of course, Wade already knows this. Wade tells Keith that he was going to put Keith on trial for the whole galaxy to see, thus condemning Keith, and eventually getting rid of him. However, there were too many variables involved, even though the outcome would be inevitable. Keith tells Wade, “Did you ever stop to think I was actually 2 steps ahead of you?” Wade guesses not, and has Keith thrown into the “black hole”, a type of solitary confinement.

Keith thrown in Black Hole

In the Black Hole, where there is no gravity whatsoever, Keith finds he is not alone. Chief Kalon, leader of the Lion Riders, is there as well. He asks Keith what he was doing there. Keith tells him that he came to break him out. Chief Kalon is surprised that getting thrown in the black hole was part of Keith’s plan. Daniel, who is talking to Manset about the plan, wonders if going into the Black Hole was part of the plan as well. He thinks maybe he should be the one to deactivate the generator. He asks how Keith was supposed to do that. Manset tells him he had provided Keith with a map of the air vent system on The Void. Daniel wishes he had his Voltcom. Just then, the little space mouse appears and drops the two Voltcoms on the floor near Daniel.

Mouse leaves Voltcoms for Daniel

As Daniel applauds the value of Space Mice, and is about to grab the voltcoms, his old friend, Octo-Man snatches them up with his tentacles instead. Octo-Man thinks they are jewelry, and licks them, thinking Daniel won’t want them after that. Daniel warns him that he’s going to start another fight, and this doesn’t seem to bother the Octo-Man. So Daniel grabs one of the tentacles holding his Voltcom. As he struggles for it, the Voltcom magically attaches itself to his arm. This is something he has never seen before. As Daniel turns on his Voltcom power, he tells Octo-Man he’ll take the other Voltcom now. The Octo-Man recognizes that he is from Voltron force, and hands over the other Voltcom without incident. Daniel gives Keith’s Voltcom to Manset and tells him to guard it with his life. Meanwhile, he is going to find the Generator, using his super speed, of course.

Daniel heads to Void Generator

While Daniel searches for the Void Generator, Sky Marshall Wade opens the Black Hole where Keith and Chief Kalon are held. He tells them it is time to execute their sentence. Keith asks him if can share what their fate will be. Wade is more than happy to oblige. He’ll tell the universe that the great Commander of the Voltron Force was thrown in jail and met his doom while trying to escape. This will make Keith look weak, while instilling fear in anyone who would stand against Wade. Kalon will also be part of the escape attempt. Kalon tells Wade that the truth will eventually emerge, and they will be martyrs to the cause, which will give the resistance power that Wade cannot imagine. Wade disputes that the truth will ever get out because those in power tell the story, and Wade will write the future.

Out in space, the Lions are still waiting to see any sign of The Void, except for Larmina, who thinks the subject of the Cadets’ next class will be patience. Which brings us to Daniel, who has finally seen a sign that indicates that Wadebots should stay out. If they don’t want Wadebots in there, then it must be the Void Generator Room.

Daniel figures out where the Void Generator is kept

Daniel enters the room to find the Void generator, and a simple-looking switch on a control panel that shows it is on, which would only need to get pulled down to turn it off. Daniel thinks it can’t be this easy. As he tries to move to turn the switch off, he gets knocked down to the ground by something he cannot see.

Daniel prevented from disabling the Generator by Kloak

A voice calls out, saying, “I wouldn’t recommend trying that again!” Daniel tries to figure out what’s going on, to fight what he can’t see, but he keeps getting knocked down by this invisible man. So, he tries to listen to him, since he can’t see him. He gets knocked down again, and gets right back up to try it again. The invisible man then appears before Daniel, telling him he can’t just walk in there and turn off the Void Generator.

Daniel sees Kloak for the first time

Daniel says, “Watch me!” The man becomes invisible again, and keeps knocking Daniel down.

In the main prisoner area, Wade walks in with his Wadebots, and Keith and Kalon. He announces to the prisoners that there will be an Escape today. They all gasp in horror, because they know it means the roof will open up again. Wade releases the ankle collars on Keith and Kalon, and tells the rest of the prisoners that if they keep their ankle collars on, they’ll probably survive. For those without the collars (Keith and Kalon), they’ll pass through the thin atmosphere of The Void, slowly freeze, and fall asleep.

Wade wants Keith and Kalon to escape

Then, Wade calls the Guards, and this gives Manset an opportunity to give Keith his Voltcom. Keith is surprised to see him and asks where Daniel is, but before Manset can answer, the Wadebots separate them, leaving Keith and Kalon by themselves in the center of the room, directly below the roof. Kalon asks Keith if this was part of the plan. Keith admits he did plan on getting launched, but not with Kalon. He also didn’t plan on having a missing Cadet, somewhere in The Void.

Daniel is still tussling with his invisible friend, but manages to be able to catch the man offguard and knock him down a couple times in a row. We’re not sure why Daniel didn’t use the opportunity to go over to the switch, using his super speed to turn it off, while the man was down, but he didn’t.

As Wade says goodbye to Keith and Kalon, he gets on his own pair of ankle collars, and has the guards open the roof, sending Keith and Kalon through the ceiling.

Keith and Kalon sucked out to space

Keith manages to grab on the edge of the roof, and hold on, while Kalon goes head over heels into space.

Daniel manages to take a moment to confront his invisible foe. He tells him that he’s the only other human besides Wade that is running this place. So, he guesses that Wade has something on him that is forcing him to do whatever Wade wants him to do. Daniel promises him that if he lets Daniel turn off the generator, he can get the invisible man out of there. The man tells Daniel it isn’t that simple. He’s responsible for the whole thing. He was building Cloaking Technology for commercial use, when Wade found out and forced him to develop it for the military. Then, Wade used this same technology to invade this man’s home planet, and his people paid the price. This is why he stays here, following Wade’s orders, to protect his creation. It’s his punishment and his curse. Daniel asks, “What about those that are suffering from your punishment right now?” This causes the man to hesitate and it appears he is thinking about what Daniel asked.

We come back to Keith, who is still holding onto the roof, and was able to wear his Voltcom, which quickly turned his spacesuit on, right before the roof closed.

Keith engages his spacesuit before roof closes

Keith uses his suit’s thrusters to go after Kalon, while Wade asks his Wadebots to bring his suit to him. Then, he tells them to turn off everyone’s ankle collars.
Daniel is about to turn off the generator, when Keith contacts him on the Voltcom, and tells him NOT to turn off the generator. It would certainly bring a quick end to Kalon if that were to happen. He tells Daniel to get back to the prisoner area right away, just as he reaches Chief Kalon.

Keith saves Chief Kalon

By this time, Wade has his spacesuit on, reminding the Wadebots to turn off all the ankle collars once he gets outside. Once again, the roof opens, and Manset tells everyone to grab onto something. Wade shoots through the roof, just as Daniel gets there. Daniel sees Manset lose his grip and heading toward the roof. He uses a claw shot from his Voltcom to grab Manset in mid-air, and hold onto him. Manset tells him to let him go and meet him at the top. Daniel does, and Manset’s body ends up plugging the hole in the roof.

Manset plugs the roof with his own body

This makes everything normal again for the prisoners, but the Wadebots start going after Daniel, who has no time for fighting Wadebots. Out of nowhere, the Wadebots get blown apart by the invisible man. He tells Daniel he always hated those things. He urges Daniel to go, because he is going to set things right. He wants Daniel to get up there and help his friends shut Wade down. He tells Daniel to go through the vents. Daniel gets out in time to get Kalon, just as Keith is getting pummeled by Wade.

Wade stops Keith but Daniel gets Kalon

Wade claims he has the upper hand over Keith because his suit was made to be out there. But Keith uses his Voltcom to make his blazing swords, and cuts Wade’s airhose.

Wade fights Keith in Space

Wade turns around quickly and pushes Keith outside the Void’s atmosphere, then turns back to get Kalon. Daniel claims Wade will have to go through him first. Wade wondered where he came from, then recognizes him as the troublesome Cadet from the G.A. Academy. He claims he’ll enjoy finishing Daniel’s punishment. He thinks Daniel is being cocky when Daniel flashes a smile. Daniel just calls it confidence because someone’s got his back. That someone is Voltron, who formed right behind Wade while he wasn’t looking.

Wade does not see Voltron behind him

Wade, completely shocked by this turn of events, screams to have the Wadebots get his ship ready. Then Voltron swings the Blazing Sword into The Void. This breaks apart the prison into two pieces, dismantling the generator. Wade escapes in his ship, and watches as Voltron takes the Void away, saving all the prisoners inside.

Wade watches Voltron take the Void away

Wade can’t help but admit that Keith was a step ahead of him, as he flies away. Keith admits he had no idea how that was all going to play out, and that they were very lucky. Kalon thanks both Keith and Daniel for saving him, and asks what will become of the prisoners, as it looks like they think they are free. Keith says that some deserve to be free, some don’t. But no one deserves to be in the Void. Daniel looks back at the piece of the Void that broke off, and says, “Someone believes he does…”, as he sees the invisible man floating away with it.

Later on, the Black lion touches down on Ariel, and Chief Kalon is returned to his people, the Lion Riders. Kalon comes home to cheering and applause. He thanks Keith once again, claiming that the Lion Riders are in their debt. If the Voltron Force ever needs help, the Lion Riders have their back.

Black Lion returns Chief Kalon to Ariel

Next episode: “Predator Robeast”

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