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Inspector Gadget and Johnny Test to Viper Comics

Inspector Gadget and Johnny Test to Viper Comics

Typically, as seen with specials like Wolverine and the X-Men, it’s the other way around – comics becoming cartoons. But now, two generations worth of toons are now headed into the media of comic books; Inspector Gadget and Johnny Test are making the full transition from animation to the printed page, as Viper Comics signs the two properties to comic book deals. Inspector Gadget, DIC Entertainment’s (now Cookie Jar Entertainment’s) classic 80s toon, features a cyborg detective, whose human body stores multiple bionic gadgets — somewhat like an early Generator Rex! Johnny Test, on the other (non-bionic) hand, follows the adventures of Johnny and his brilliant twin sisters Susan and Mary. Fans can expect a graphic novel collection of each to hit store shelves in early 2011, along side a field dominated by Spider-Man, Batman, Superman, and other Marvel and DC super heroes.

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  1. Andy0002 Andy0002

    so there collection books of older comics? or are these NEW comics in the form of a normal thin comic, accompanied by the release of a graphic novel collection?

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