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Fox Planning a New X-Men TV Show

According to a new report from Bleeding Cool, Fox is currently mulling over plans to develop a new TV series based on the X-Men franchise. Only this time, it’s not going to be in animated form (man, I miss that old 90s cartoon.) – Fox is considering a live-action series. If the report is true, then it means Fox is approaching the comic book properties that they still have with the same strategy as Marvel’s, although Marvel will be airing theirs on Netflix.

While Fox has yet to confirm the report, a comment made by Simon Kinberg earlier this week supports it. Kinberg made a reference to a wider plan for an expanded X-Men universe. And with the Deadpool spin-off confirmed, a new TV show will certainly help Fox not only keep the rights to the franchises, but also let them build their cinematic universe the same way Marvel did. While it’s understandable that we’ll have our favorites, it’s best to remember that these competing studios all succeeding in providing a rich cinematic universe will benefit all of us regardless of which camp we’re on.



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  1. A.Bundy A.Bundy

    fox still has toons? i’m shocked! i hope they dont destroy this by making it an edutainment show.

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